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Weaving Love: Four Hands Scarf

We get tickled with delight when we see our yarns used in weaving. The way the colors and texture play out in a weave is often dramatically different than in knitting and crochet which made us especially excited about this beautiful scarf by the folks at Schacht Spindle Company.

The Four Hands Scarf by Stephanie Flynn Sokolov uses the Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom to create this plain weave scarf using Medina and Ultra Wool DK. The magic is in the warping.

The warp uses two colors of Medina that are looped together in the middle which creates a unique look to each scarf. The only challenge, the warp! This process is best done with a friend, hence the name: Four Hands Scarf!

Weaving is a timeless art that embodies both the importance of tradition and the delight of creativity. Through the rhythmic interlacing of threads, weaving lies in the meditative, almost magical process of transforming individual threads into a harmonious tapestry, where patience and precision come together to craft something truly unique and meaningful. The Four Hands Scarf continues that tradition using beautiful solids and multi to create a piece that is special.

Here are a few Ultra Wool DK and Medina combinations to inspire your own Four Hands Scarf.

From Top Row L to R:
Ultra Wool DK (UWDK) 83118 with Medina 4767 and 4783, UWDK 8331 with Medina 4767 and 4783, UWDK 83153 with Medina 4971 and 4792.

Bottom Row L to R:
UWDK 83118 with 4791 and 4792, UWDK 8331 with 4790 and 4784, UWDK 83153 with 4790 and 4784.

To weave your own Four Hands Scarf, download the pattern here. We love our Schact Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom and are so excited to weave many scarves this fall as gifts!

Margaux wearing the Four Hands Scarf.

Happy Weaving!

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