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Project Diary: Ballentine

Hi makers!

I’m so excited to have finally finished my Ballentine sweater! I posted regular updates on my progress over on Berroco’s Tik Tok, and I loved being able to share the making process with you all.

Ballentine is a sweater from our Mistico collection that was designed by Alison Green. I loved the geometric yoke and thought it would look excellent in pink. I used Mistico in the shade Fanciful. I love the halo effect from the brushed alpaca in the yarn, and the fun flecks of color. The yarn is so soft and light, I absolutely loved it. (can you tell?!)

I worked on this project while I was on vacation, and it was such a great relaxing knit. I believe the good vibes of long summer beach days stay in your projects long after you make them, and my Ballentine sweater is full of good vibes from Lake Michigan!

Because I was on vacation in the middle of nowhere, I didn’t have access to all of my knitting tools. When working on the lace pattern in the yoke, I kept losing my place. I wish I had brought a removable stitch marker to move as I knit, so I ended up using about 30 stitch markers that couldn’t be removed to keep track of my place. It wasn’t a very elegant solution, but it worked!

I also had an issue trying out magic loop for the first time on the sleeves. I usually use very short circular needles when knitting in the round at a small circumference, but decided to try magic loop this time around. I ended up with a run in the sleeve, and had to take it apart and start over. Luckily, I perfected the method on my second attempt, and the sleeves came out great!

My finished sweater is so dreamy. It’s light as a feather, and still keeps me nice and warm now that the fall chill is setting in. I LOVE how soft and fuzzy it is. If you haven’t made anything with Mistico yet, I highly recommend it. I think this yarn deserves more love!


Ballentine is complete! (and my hair is a new color!) I loved making this sweater, it’s so soft and cozy! Mistico is one of my favorite yarns right now. What should I make next? #berrocoyarn #knitting #berroco #knittok #yarn #knit

♬ Little Omens – Alfie Jukes

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