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Amy’s Thread: Exploring Style with Cirilia

The long awaited release of Cirilia Rose’s book Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads: A Modern Knitter’s Guide to Discovering and Exploring Style (2014 Stewart, Tabori and Chang) finally came at the beginning of the month – and it’s a stunner.

Cirilia was the Design Assistant here at Berroco from 2008 to 2011, where she designed a few of my favorite sweaters of all time: Aidez, Americano and Jingu from #308 Berroco Vintage DK & Vintage. She styled the photoshoots for the pattern collections as well.

In her book, Cirilia brings us all along for the ride as she explains her thought process for translating inspiration to design and using handknits to cultivate personal style…or break out of a style rut. She includes tips on how to organize your wardrobe, revamp your old handknits and choose your next project wisely.

The book is beautifully shot by Jared Flood and the presentation is spectacular. This is a book to pick up and flip through again and again – every time something different will catch your eye.


WIN: We’re giving away a copy of Cirilia’s book, along with 2 skeins of Berroco Lustra, the yarn used to make the felted Raven Bag pattern (on page 116).

ENTER: Leave a comment below sharing something about how you find your inspiration.

RULES: All comments must be posted by Sunday, November 30 at 11:59pm EST. One winner will be picked at random and announced in my next blog post on Monday, December 1. You must be 18 years old and a resident of the U.S. or Canada to win.

104 thoughts on “Amy’s Thread: Exploring Style with Cirilia

  1. I just kind of absorb the sights, smells, and feelings around me for true inspiration. However, I am also prompted by who I want to do something for and what I think they would most appreciate.

  2. I am inspired by the colors found in nature…sometimes you wouldn’t think the colors go together, but they work beautifully. Taking a step out of your comfort zone can be scary, but you’re safe if you count on the inspiration of natural things.

  3. My inspiration comes from the great styling in the pictures of the finished item. From Jared Flood’s wonderful photos for various designers to sites like Berroco, I really really get jazzed about knitting an item or even adjusting it here and there starting with the photo given. I know that in the end, I want the same feeling when I put on the item as when I saw the photo.

    Berroco was my first LYS yarn and Cirilia was in residence when I started visiting the site. She has been an inspiration for quite some time. I am so excited for Cirilia’s book with Jared’s photos!! Fingers crossed 🙂

  4. When I need inspiration I always head to nature–for color and patterns. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I find inspiration in the pages of fashion magazines, as well as on Revelry and blogs like yours! Love Cirilia’s sense of style and would love to win the book and the luscious yarn.

  6. I mostly get inspired by nature or my stash. I love finding just the right project for yarn I already have. : )
    wahoomerryf on Ravelry

  7. I find my inspiration at my knitting guild meetings and on Ravelry, and by reading blogs. I see the lovely things others have made, and then I want to make them too.

  8. I find my inspiration at my knitting guild meetings, on Ravelry and on blogs I follow. I see the lovely things others have made, and then I want to make them too.

  9. The beautiful country of Canada that I live in is my inspiration. I have travelled much of it, and it is so beautiful and majestic. Right now the clean white snow on the green evergreen trees is my inspiration for a design I am currently working on. I enjoy the crisp, cool air and flittering flakes of snow as they fall from the sparkling sky and land on my hair, hands, and clothing. Nature is such a beautiful thing!

  10. I find my inspiration randomly – sometimes it’s visually – a pattern that I just love, and I’ll queue it up, sometimes it’s tactile – dangerous to touch yarn at festivals…. that’s probably why I have a fairly large stash (by my standards – about 9 containers right now) waiting for the matching pattern inspiration and the time that never seems to be there to do all the crafting I want.

  11. I love to travel and feel the atmosphere, then I always have tons of ideas that need to be organized. That is the moment in which I simply daydream and put everything in order.

  12. I find inspiration primarily from the natural landscape; colors, forms, shapes. I also visit Pinterest frequently to get a sense of the latest styles and new ways to interpret old classics.

  13. I’m inspired by the seasons… and the need for warm clothing during the cold months of a Canadian winter. Accessories and layers in particular!

  14. Inspiration comes from everywhere! I’ve been eyeing this book since it came out… Cirilia’s designs definitely qualify as inspiring.

  15. I’m inspired when I don’t expect it–from interactions with people, from sights I see in my neighborhood, from nature…

  16. Inspiration comes from so many places – people watching, the world outside, a wide variety of blogs that no one would believe I read – just about any where really.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  17. I find inspiration when the ladies in our knitting club showcase their latest projects, sharing their successes & challenges.

  18. I’m inspired when I see the beautiful knits made by the designers and the other members of my knitting guild.

  19. I get lots of knitting inspiration from Ravelry. The professional photos that accompany the patterns are great, but I also love to look through the project photos for color and styling inspiration and for creative pattern alterations.

  20. Inspiration comes to me with the color and textures available in yarn and then I look around at nature, sometimes pottery and artwork. Thank you

  21. My inspiration comes from what surrounds me. If I see colors, shapes or textures I want to see them knitted as fabric.

  22. I took a course on two-handed colorwork from Cirilia at the Nordic Knitting Conference this year, and she is as delightful and talented in person as she is in print. Congratulations to her and Jared for producing such a high-quality book.

    My inspiration, for knitting (and before knitting, furnituremaking) comes from nature: the patterns and colors I see in the mountains, meadows, rivers and skies around me.

  23. I find my inspiration randomly – sometimes it’s visually – a pattern that I just love, and I’ll queue it up. I sometime am inspired by a blog or magazine that has a new yarn or technique, and of coarse my grandchildren are and will always be an inspiration to me.

  24. I find inspiration from nature by walking near my home, the artist Escher and his infinity tessellations, and the seaside. Thank you.

  25. I’m inspired by nature: trees, leaves and sky. And by the seasons changing, by music. I think it’d be cool to design knitting patterns to match an album or songs by your favorite musician. Characters in books also inspire me, as do the fashions of those I see around the city.

  26. I usually find inspiration in nature( for colour, patterns, colour-combos,texture), street style, and of course Pinterest and Ravelry. I often refer to old magazines to see if there are any patterns that I was hoping to make and then forgot about. I find blogs an indispensable resource and then I mix it all up …..and create something (hopefully) beautiful!

    Would love a copy of this book as I love Cirilia’s designs and sense of style, the title really encapsulate,everything I feel about myself and my how I LOVE to knit.



  27. I am inspired by the local culture in places I visit. Seeing people at local businesses styling pieces in unique ways always makes me feel want to try new looks that I wouldn’t normally be brave enough to try!

  28. My inspiration is the women in my family: so strong, so beautiful regardless of age. They break my heart wide open & I can’t wait to make things to honor them!

  29. I find my inspiration in nature especially for color combinations. I love casual dressing using color and texture to make a statement.

  30. I am inspired by the crisp fall air – each time the weather turns cold I start thinking of different ways to stay warm with wool!

  31. I am inspired by my Grandma’s knitting…she was an amazing craftswoman! Knitting being just one of her skills!

  32. I get my inspiration from my daughter… nowhere is God’s Grace for me so apparent than in this gift He game me that is my child. And I love to see her eyes light up when I’ve finished something new for her, or for others for that matter. And when she asks if I can “make” this or that for her and I can say yes, I am so thankful for the gift God gave me in learning to create with my hands and some pretty yarn!

  33. I browse Ravelry and all the print mags I buy. Inspiration isn’t the problem, it’s trying to decide which “inspiring” project to start next!

  34. I see inspiration all around. I get inspired by books, textures and my daughter and her crazy friends. Their creativity is so inspiring.

  35. My inspiration comes from whatever pattern I find to be soothing, calming, distracting, therapeutic, and/or challenging at the time.

  36. I get inspired by my customers! It might be something they have made and brought in to show me or a problem they are having where I have to put on my thinking cap. Either way it’s always fun to interact with my customers and broaden my own horizons!

  37. I’m inspired by the season as well as the people around me. My nieces, nephews, & daughters have forced me to stretch beyond my green and grey pallet and forced me to embrace the entire rainbow.

  38. Inspiration generally hides when you’re actively searching for it. It’s when you aren’t looking that you find the most amazing ideas. Listen to the yarn…it will generally tell you what it wants to be.

  39. I am inspired by the people in my life. I am drawn to colors and textures,Sensory details helps. The patterns that I see.

  40. Inspiration usually comes to me at the weirdest places and times. Many times when i am already in bed. I should force myself to get out of the bed and note them down more often…

  41. I get so much of my inspiration on ravelry. Love to see how different yarns make the same design look completely different.

  42. My inspirations come from nature usually. I see great patterns and colorways whenever I wlk the neighborhood, parks, and trails.

  43. I find inspiration looking at the way other people wear clothes. I also look to nature for color inspiration, all the colors of rocks and hills, waves and sky, they inspire me over and over again.

  44. I am inspired by talking with other yarn artists…about their projects, ideas and especially the challenges and problems they’ve encountered.

  45. The color and texture of the world around me (from simple leaf shapes to massive architectural elements) are an unending source of inspiration.

  46. Magazines from Great Britain all about living in the English countryside are the BEST for inspiration. There’s always at least one or two amazing sweaters in those pages.

  47. I find inspiration everywhere! It could be pretty landscape colors that I want to absorb into a project or the latest fashion trends and creating a project that I love based on that.

  48. Inspiration in great yarn and great photography (like jared’s) – I also love seeing a finished project in a store – so helpful!

  49. I’m inspired by the intersection between function and art; I love the creation of a practical, useful piece that serves a day in day out function in my world while also being beautiful.

  50. I find inspiration by reading and looking at things on the internet and in the changing of the seasons. I’m so excited for Cirilia’s book!

  51. My inspiration comes from my son. He makes me laugh and think and overall just makes me want to be the best person I can be and the best parent I can be for him.

  52. I find my inspiration in colors and textures. I’ll find a stitch pattern I love and track down the perfect yarn in the perfect color to create a new design. Once I’ve nailed down my design, it’s a perpetual search to find a new color or texture to make it better. Not everything goes to plan, because sometimes, the yarn wants cables and the pattern is lace… Knitting has forced me to learn to go with the flow. The yarn wants what the yarn wants, and I’m not going to be the one to argue that.

  53. I am still a novice and need a pattern, but I love looking to nature and the culture for color inspirations and that makes the pattern my own.

  54. I find a lot of inspiration on Instagram. The pictures of neighborhoods, landscapes, people, and moments in time inspire the colors and textures that I put together for my fiber crafts and other artistic pleasures.

  55. inspiration comes to be while riding my bike along the country roads where I live – I will see something like a beautiful barn with the sun hitting it just right or the fall foliage or color of the lake.

  56. I love browsing blogs & sharing ideas and patterns with my friends and mom. I also get a bunch of great ideas from my lys.

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