What Inspires: Deadlines!

While I like to dream of designing in calm and peace at my own pace, the truth is that deadlines can do wonders for productivity. I thought I had gotten a good jump start on designing my Spring ’14 booklet (vol 14). Ten or eleven weeks ago, I had over twenty sketches of ideas and variations of ideas.  That was great. Then vacation happened, which I really enjoyed and really needed. You know the drill, the week before I spent prepping to leave the office for a week, the week after catching up. I came back refreshed and ready to go, but by the time I could really get going  I’d lost two or three weeks!

Eight weeks ago I buckled down, edited the designs so they made sense together, juggled the sizes and shapes and yarns and started on the specs.  In other words, I thought out each piece thoroughly and put the dimensions on graph paper. I called a lot of knitters and started writing the instructions.  Some how, thanks to deadlines and the help of many knitters, I now have 14 pieces in front of me, ready for next week’s photography. I could never get that much work done without a firm deadline. Without a firm deadline, I would waver and perfect and doubt myself and not get nearly as much done.

I’m really looking forward to next week’s shoot when it all gets pulled together with models and clothes and a cool setting.  Here’s a sneak peek, but you know it’s too early to give much away!


  1. Don’t I know that feeling (4 knitting deadlines here…) – but they really do help focus on the important things, don’t they?
    I really like those sneaky glimpses you’re showing us – looking forward to seeing the finished booklet.

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