Knitting and Crochet Tools We Love

As fiber enthusiasts, we know the right tools and notions can make all the difference when it comes to crafting the most beautiful projects! From stitch markers to scissors and everything in between, there are so many helpful accessories out there that make our knitting and crocheting experience that much better!! In this guide, we’ll be taking a peek inside our project bags to share some of our favorite notions and tools!

Stitch Markers:

One of our must-have items for every project has to be stitch markers! These little gems help us keep track of our stitches, patterns, rows, etc. and they come in so many fun styles, it’s hard to have just one set! Some of our favorites include cocoknit’s Flight of Stitch Markers and Katrinkles’ adorable new Cat-rinkles stitch marker set!


Travel size scissors are essential for any yarn project, and we’re a huge fan of della Q Scissor Pockets, which are not only sharp, but incredibly stylish and come in a handy leather pocket! Another all time favorite has to be the gorgeous Lantern Moon scissors which also come in a genuine leather case!

Measuring Tape:

We think everyone deserves a tape measure just as soft and adorable as the yarn they use, and that’s where Jimmy’s Longtail Alpaca’s and Longtail Lambs come in! Simply tug on the tails of these cute creatures and watch them transform into a tape measure you can use to measure gauge or size!

Tool Kits:

Convenience is key when we’re on the go and that’s why we adore the Akerworks Tool Kit! As busy fiber artists, having a compact and comprehensive tool kit is an essential! Complete with a swatch gauge, a pair of mini scissors, a tape measure, stitch markers and darning needles, this tool kit is the perfect all-in-one solution for any project!

So there you have it, a peek inside our project bags and the must-have notions we wouldn’t want to craft without! With the right tools, any and every project can be a joy to work on. Whether a beginner or seasoned fiber artist, we hope this guide inspires you to discover the joys of using handy dandy adorable accessories! Happy crafting!!

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