Knit Project Diary: Frog by Claire Garland

If you spend much time on social media, you’ve certainly noticed everyone making these precious frogs designed by Claire Garland. It’s easy to see why the insanely cute design is so popular.  

After seeing many frogs hopping up around us, we couldn’t help but cast on a few! 

Here are our favorite Berroco yarns to use for Claire Garland’s Frog pattern: 

Mel & Alison’s made their frogs with Vintage DK in Fennel 2175 and Mushroom 2104. Our classic DK weight yarn offers 6 different shades of green, and plenty of yardage for multiple frogs.  

Alison even managed to get her frog to fit into one of our 2022 Minutia sweaters! Doesn’t he look cozy?  

Both Alison and Mel loved working with Vintage DK for this project. They say sweet little projects like this always look great in this legacy yarn, plus the color options are a huge bonus. 

I made my frog with Lanas Light in Spring Green 78108 and Cream 7801 held with Aerial in Pine 3467 and Ivory 3401. I loved the soft touch and beautiful luster of this combination.  

The springy 2-ply of Lanas Light creates a soft and squishy frog but the added Aerial is the flower on the lily pad! It gives the frog a fuzzy halo effect which makes it even more cuddly. I highly recommend using Aerial when making this frog, no matter which yarn you hold with it.  

The results are just too frog-tastic! (I may be over doing with puns!) 

If you’re looking to experiment with some frogs of your own, we offer many options to choose from, but our two recommendations, Vintage DK and Lanas Light, will not disappoint. Remember to use Aerial along with your base color for that adorable soft halo effect! 

We’re planning on making more frog sweaters, and giving our new friends spots of honor at our desks in the office.  

If you make a frog, use the tag #berrocofrog so we can give it some love.  

Happy Making! 

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  1. I wonder what a frog in Berroco Macro would look like! You have the colors … Arctic Poppy and Snow Owl Eyes would be perfect, in my opinion.

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