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Bang out a Big Hug

Pattern: Main Squeeze Cardigan by Jen Geigley
Yarn: Berroco Coco in color Stone (9 skeins)
Needles: US 13s
Size: I made the smallest size. I am a 36″ bust and 5’3.
Modifications: Due to my height i decided to decrease the length by 3″.

I thought about making one of those Make 9 lists for 2020 but then I laughed really hard at my desk because I never ever ever (ever) can keep to a list like that. I can’t even stick to a grocery list. I’m just an *in the moment* kind of girl (and yes I’ll grab that bag of chocolate chip cookies thankyouverymuch).

SO, naturally when I saw MDX post about their new Bang Out Sweater choice, the Main Squeeze Cardigan by Jen Geigly, I was all, yeah that’s getting cast on “like now.”

I made mine out of Berroco Coco in the Stone colorway. I wanted a fun multi color sweater but I also wanted it to be neutral enough to wear to work.

The knitting on this went quickly and I’d say I managed to finish it in less than two weeks. The only modification I made was to make the coat a bit shorter. I’m 5’3 and didn’t want the cardigan to drape to far below my hips. Knowing with wear this sweater will grow lengthwise – it was a good choice for me to minus a few inches off the body.

Of course the final steps of me attaching the pockets is what took the longest. I had them knit up for about a week before I finally sat down to sew them on. Anyone else procrastinate with those last finishing details?

Now, I realize I’m the new kid around here but if you don’t know, I love hugs. It’s my Favorite Thing. I find a hug to be so lifting and try to give them any chance I get. So how could I say no to a cardigan whose description is a Big Hug? Yeah, Not I!

Overall I’m excited to wear this cardigan. It’s warm and so soft. Coco is a single yarn with a thread around it – so with a lot of wear it can be susceptible to pills. So far I’ve worn it twice and it’s holding up well.

Wonder what will pop up next on my knit list?

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