Always coming back to the Basics

I love a good trend. I love big earrings, high waisted jeans (may they never go out of style), and right now the love all things 90s. BUT I also love a good t-shirt, a classic book and a basic sweater.

I was browsing our vast sweater collection here at Berroco and noticed there is quite a few go-to basic sweaters that caught my eye. I am always on the lookout for those great basics that can really be paired with anything. These are sweaters you can throw on with a pair of jeans or dress them up with a skirt or dress pants for work.

Here are 5 great basics from our current collections.

1) Balletomane

This really simple raglan is knit in Pirouette, a soft boucle yarn, which is what makes this piece stand out. You’ll wear this over a pair of jeans or even slacks for work and never feel UN-cozy.

2) Elmhurst

Another simple sweater that is a go to for me (and yes I made this one, too). I wear it all the time with a pair of jeans. The simple structure allows for the yarn, Providence, to just do its thing with all its nubby texture.

3) Danvers

This is a total preppy style sweater with a simple purl side eyelet pattern. Made in our Ultra Wool Fine, not only is this a great basic sweater it is also machine washable! You’re welcome.

4) Salisbury

This yoke sweater has a very simple eyelet and purl ridge pattern on the yoke. Made with our Mantra stonewash, this 100% silk sweater is not only a great go-to but also will feel luxurious to wear.

5) Coriander

Last but not least is this great basic knit in Sesame. I love how sometimes all you need is a basic silhouette to let the yarn shine. I especially love the “sesame” flecks throughout the fabric.

I hope you’ll add one of these great basics to your sweater rotation. I promise they’ll go great with your 90s inspired earrings, scrunches and fanny packs ;-).

Knit on!

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