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Margaux’s Elmhurst Pullover

After coming in HOT to 2020 by making the cozy Gertrude Sweater out of Nomad, I was itching to make another garment from our Fall/Winter collection. One of the first things I did as I began to take over the Media position was browse through all the latest Berroco patterns. I don’t know what immediately jumped out at me with Elmhurst but it was probably this fun photo.

Model with arms on her knees and hands cupping her face with a wide smile.

There was also something about the YARN. You know when you see a ball of yarn and it just speaks to you?! (yes? no? YES?) Well it happened to me when I got a chance to test knit with this yarn. I just knew I’d use it for my next knit.

Pattern: Elmhurst Pullover in Berroco #409
Yarn: Providence, color Rosecliff, 5 balls
Size made: 40″ bust
Modifications: Just added an inch to the body

The yarn, Providence is a single ply DK yarn with bits of multi color silk thorough out. I found it easy to work with and really love the fabric it makes after washing.

The only modification I made was to lengthen it by about an inch in the body. I didn’t (but next time would) add short rows to lift the back a bit but overall I like the way it lies around my neck.

I know I say this a lot about the sweaters I make but I definitely can see myself living in this one! It’s a great everyday kind of sweater.

Happy Making!

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