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From time to time (including right now, through August 31, 2019) we offer coupon codes on Berroco digital patterns. Our shopping cart works the same as every other shopping cart on the internet, but looks a little different, so here’s a helpful guide to using coupon codes on

Once you’ve used one of our coupon codes, the process is pretty simple, but let’s walk through it with our current promotion—save 20% on all Berroco patterns at (this offer ends August 31, 2019, but the steps to using the coupon code will work forever, or until we change shopping carts, whichever comes first).

First, you’ll want to go to and navigate to our PDF Store. The PDF store filters out all of the free patterns, which don’t require a coupon code (because they’re already free).
screenshot of homepage with PDF store circled

When you’re at the PDF store page, you can either browse leisurely or use the filters along the left side of the page (they’ll be at the top if you’re looking at this on a smaller mobile device, like a smart phone) to narrow down your search results. For this example, I’m going to just browse.
screenshot of berroco PDF store page

Let’s say that I want to get the Purga sweater pattern. I click on the image from the pattern store, go to the Purga pattern page, and then click “Buy this pattern” (it’s orange in this screenshot to bring attention to it, until you hover over it, the button will be blue).
screenshot of Berroco Pixel Purga sweater knitting pattern

Once you click the “Buy this pattern” button, you’ll get a small pop-up screen that shows your cart. If the promotion is just for one single pattern, from here you can skip down a bit to find out how to input your coupon code.
screenshot of berroco shopping cart

In this case, the promotion doesn’t limit the number of patterns (just the number of uses—once you use the coupon, you can’t use it again), so I’m going to go find another pattern. I’ve been eyeing the Danseuse cardigan, so I’m going to add it to my cart too. So now you’ll see that I have two patterns in my shopping cart.
screenshot of berroco shopping cart with two patterns

I think I’m done shopping now, so I’m going to use my coupon code. I’ll click on the “use a coupon code” text and enter the coupon code (for this promotion ending August 31, 2019, the code is “BACKTOSCHOOL”). Note that the coupon code is not case sensitive.
screenshot showing the location of the use a coupon code text

Now that I’ve put my coupon code in and the 20% has been taken off the price, I’ll click “Checkout now” and purchase my patterns!
screenshot of applied coupon code

If you’re a Ravelry user and would like to make sure your new patterns show up in your library, make sure you log into Ravelry before purchasing patterns and using the coupon code. You can also shop through the Berroco patterns on Ravelry and apply the coupon code that way if you prefer.

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