Perfect Pairings: Laceweight with Heavier Yarns

There’s been a trend of late—patterns that pair a fuzzy laceweight yarn with a heavier yarn (anywhere from fingering to worsted, usually) for a fabric that is incredibly unique! Andra, one of our sales reps, tried out this tend by pairing one color of Berroco Providence™ with a few different colors of LANGYARNS Lace and the results were stunning.

Here’s a beautiful photo Andra took to give you an overview of the whole swatching panel she did. On the far right is the one strand of Berroco Providence in color 1106 Roger Williams. You can see how the color shifts when she added the different colors of LANGYARNS Lace!
photo showing a swatch of berroco providence with langyarns lace

After the plain swatch, Andra paired the yarn with the Charcoal #70 color of LANGYARNS Lace, followed by a light blue-gray color #23, then white #01, and coral #48.

Andra plans to pair one strand of Berroco Providence with one strand of LANGYARNS Lace to knit herself a Claverick from the new Berroco Providence pattern book. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished, and Andra’s plan is making me consider knitting an Elmhurst with a color of Providence and a strand of Lace held together.

What do you think about this trend? Have you knit anything with a mohair or other halo-y yarn held with a heftier yarn? If you want to give this a go yourself, you can use our Store Locator to find Berroco Providence and LANGYARNS Lace near you!

3 thoughts on “Perfect Pairings: Laceweight with Heavier Yarns

  1. Awesome inspiration, please forward thanks to Andra (what an awesome sales rep!).
    My grandmother used to “soften” her scratchy wool by having another thin, fluffy yarn run along. Though of course it was mostly for the practical purpose, I always love that.
    I’ve done projects with a mix of thicker/thinner strands together, particularly before the gradient yarns became more readily available.
    I’m now tempted to reverse what Andra did and have one base color of Providence … with different colored LANG Yarn Lace, and work stripes!

    1. Texasgabi: thrilled to hear that we are carrying on with your grandmother’s trick. I love the slight halo and softness that the Lace provides. Starting my Cardi this weekend; swatching all done!

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