Mama’s Got Two Brand-New Berroco Regatta Bags!

When I first saw the Delmar Tote by Meghan Ballmer, I immediately fell in love. The crochet stitches blended beautifully with Berroco Regatta® in a way that was classic and contemporary. And then I remembered that we had two new colors of Berroco Regatta for this year—two colors I had been itching to work with—9555 Sail and 9503 Beach.

So I did what any self-respecting crafter would do—completely ignored all the other half-finished projects I have and immediately set out to make two bags (one for me, one as a thank you gift for a friend). One of the reasons I was especially excited about this is because of those two new colors we have for Berroco Regatta. They blend in nicely with our existing palette and add a different feel to the yarn.

The bag is easy to crochet—it starts with a base of single crochet and then is built up on the sides with half-double crochet (the pattern is written in US crochet terms). The designer also includes suggestions on places to source the handles for the bag, or instructions on crochet the handles if you prefer that.

If you’re more of a knitter, we have 7 great knitting patterns for Berroco Regatta available on our website! If you want to knit a bag, try our Cafe pattern!

2 thoughts on “Mama’s Got Two Brand-New Berroco Regatta Bags!

  1. It is a striking looking yarn and an attractive project. What a shame there is no men’s sweater or hat patterns in Regatta.

    1. We’ll take it under advisement! Regatta doesn’t really have the structure that it probably needs to do a good hat or full-length sweater, but it never hurts to try.

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