Introducing Berroco Vibe!

Get to know Berroco Vibe™! This is the first of our spring 2019 yarns that we’ll be talking about this season. Vibe is a blend of 45% organic cotton, 45% organic wool, and 10% nylon—and that 10% nylon is the only bit of synthetic fiber in this season’s collection! The nylon is included to add strength to the chainette construction of the yarn—when you pick up a ball of Vibe, all you’ll feel is the super soft organic cotton and organic wool.

Knitting with Berroco Vibe is a really lovely experience. I knit my swatch on US size 10 needles and it knit up in no time! The fabric is lightweight and so soft. My swatch before blocking (above photo) was about 7” wide and 6” high, with a gauge of 17 sts to 4” (I forgot to measure my row gauge, but it looks like it was about 28 rows to 4”). This is pretty much within the range that we recommend on the ball band (I tend to knit looser than our official gauge, so I usually go down a needle size or two to get gauge, depending on the yarn). After blocking, my swatch grew a little bit wider, to 7.5″, but shrunk just a smidgen—see the photo below. 

Vibe works up at a bulky weight gauge, meaning that your projects made with Berroco Vibe will fly off the needles or hooks. This yarn is great for all seasons—a cozy cardigan made with Vibe will keep you warm in spring and fall, or a Vibe sweater can be a winter layering piece. A shawl or poncho made with Berroco Vibe would be ideal for places that blast air-conditioning in summer. Thankfully we’ve got some great knitting patterns that will work up quickly!

Martisa cardigan knitting pattern in Berroco Vibe
Maritsa knit with Berroco Vibe #1537 Sunflower
Tyria poncho knitting pattern in Berroco Vibe
Tyria, knit with Berroco Vibe $1570 Iron
Gallikos sweater knitting pattern in Berroco VIbe
Gallikos, knit with Berroco Vibe #1555 Poppy
Lousious pullover knitting pattern in Berroco Vibe
Lousious, knit with Berroco Vibe #1503 Mist
Peiros shawl knitting pattern in Berroco Vibe
Peiros, knit with Berroco Vibe #1501 Salt
Arda cardigan knitting pattern in Berroco VIbe
Arda, knit with Berroco Vibe #1535 Crocus

We also think Berroco Vibe could make for very sweet baby items! It would make a super scrumptious Cecelia blanket, for example. It would also be an adorable Nantasket sweater or Baby Yeti—just be sure to swatch before you substitute it in a garment. What would you make with Berroco Vibe?

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