Introducing the Spring/Summer 2019 Berroco Yarns!

We’re pleased to launch our new yarns and patterns for the spring/summer 2019 season! We’ve got five new yarns to share with you, and this season is really special—this season’s yarn are nearly all natural fibers, with many great all-season plant fibers being represented.

First up is Berroco Vibe™, a blend of 45% organic wool, 45% organic cotton, and 10% nylon. The organic fibers are blended together and worked into a chainette construction, with the nylon adding just a bit of strength. It works up quickly on larger needles, creating gorgeous sweaters and accessories that are light and incredibly soft. Vibe is currently available in 16 colors, from warm, tropical tones to cooler, earthy shades, making it very easy to create a year-round wardrobe.

Booklet #402 Berroco Vibe features six patterns that show off the versatility of this yarn—it looks great in plain stockinette stitch, garter stitch, even lace! The super-soft fibers and bulky-weight construction mean that you can make any of these pieces quickly. You can find all of these patterns on Berroco.com or on Ravelry—just search for the name listed underneath, or take a look at the pattern booklet page. (Click any of the photos to see them larger.)


Next, we swing to the opposite end of the spectrum, from bulky weight to fingering weight! Berroco Ultra® Wool Fine is the newest version of our incredible 100% superwash wool. Ideal for a wide range of projects, including sock knitting and colorwork patterns, Ultra Wool Fine works on many needle and hook sizes (depending on the project, like many other fingering yarns). Each ball has an easy center-pull string and 400 yards, and is currently available in 21 colors.

We’ve also got six patterns for Berroco Ultra Wool Fine in Booklet #403, featuring lots of lace—a perfect pairing for fingering weight yarn. Let’s take a look! All of these patterns can also be found on Berroco.com or on Ravelry.

Berroco Mantra™ is a really special yarn. It’s 100% raw silk, which means it’s not shiny and very affordable. With 182 yards per 50 gram ball and 12 shades, there’s a lot to love about Mantra! This DK-weight yarn works up beautifully on size 6 needles (or whatever size you’ll need to get your gauge).

We’ve got six patterns in Booklet #404 Berroco Mantra that show off the beauty of the yarn—including a pattern for a knitted wedding dress! Take a look, then find the patterns on Berroco.com or Ravelry!

For you linen lovers out there, you’ll want to give Berroco Indio™ a try! This 100% linen yarn is worked up in a chainette construction, so it feels and looks a little different than most linens. The 10 colors are dyed in a stonewash effect, giving them a sophisticated look. Indio works wonderfully in both knitting patterns and crochet patterns—take a look at the six patterns we have for Indio in Booklet #405.

Finally, we have Berroco Estiva™! This fun gradient yarn is 100% cotton, worked into a bulky-weight tape construction, for fast projects made with just a few balls of yarn. There are 336 yards in each 150 gram cake, and the most you need for any of the projects in Booklet #406 Berroco Estiva is just four balls! The designs were created to maximize the gradient transition, as each cake works from a darker, more saturated hue to a lighter hue in the middle, so be sure to pay attention to the notes explaining how to achieve the fabric as shown.

We’ll have more information about each of the yarns and patterns throughout the season, or you can find them all at Berroco.com. Be the first to find out more about these yarns by subscribing to our KnitBits Newsletter—our weekly (or monthly) email that lets you know about free patterns, knitting and crochet tips, and special promotions! Which yarn are you most itching to try?

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  1. All of them look great but wanting to get my hands on some ultra wool fine! Socks would be a great match I’m thinking!!

  2. Working in size 32 Esla. On page 2, Right column “Shape Neck: Inc Row (RS): shouldn’t the final stitch count be 15? Note: started with 12 and increased 3 sts

    Armhole and neck = 17 sts? Note: 15 from previous row plus 2 this row

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