Free Knitting Patterns for Berroco Remix

We’re big fans of Berroco Remix® in the design office, and have talked about our love for this yarn quite a bit. Is it the recycled fibers made from waste fabric the garment industry would otherwise throw away? Is it the fact that it’s a great wool-free alternative that is machine washable? Is it that projects made from this yarn can be worn comfortably all year long?

If you answered “All of the above,” you would be right! Berroco Remix is a versatile yarn that works wonderfully in both knitting and crochet, and we have quite the pattern library available for this worsted-weight recycled yarn. And over the years, we’ve made a good number of them absolutely free to download.

Sawtelle and Sawtelle Adult are two versions of a sweet two-tone cardigan that blends garter stitch and stockinette.

Astilbe was originally available as part of book #374 Picnic, but we loved it so much and wanted to share it with everyone, so we made it free! This cozy cardigan shows just how wonderfully Berroco Remix handles cables.

Larry and Lawrence are again a child and adult version of the same pattern, this time a simple pullover with garter stitch panels.

And Windlass is a free shawl knitting pattern that uses dropped stitches and elongated stitches to create an open and airy shawl.

Take a look at our full collection of free patterns for Berroco Remix!


  1. What a lovely surprise! I am very grateful and excited to start another project with this wonderful yarn. Thank you Berroco.

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