The New Berroco Yarns are Here!

We just announced all of our new Berroco yarns for the fall and winter 2018 seasons—have you seen them yet?

We’ve got five brand new yarns (and two yarns with new features that we’ll tell you about a little later) that you’ve just got to see. They’re all so fabulous that the only fair way to talk about them is to go in alphabetical order, so here’s Berroco Aero™!Aero_lg

Aero is an incredibly lightweight and lofty bulky weight yarn that blends alpaca, nylon, and wool into long color shifting shades. It has insane yardage—164 yds to 50 grams for a bulky weight! It’s currently available in 8 shades, and we’ve got 6 patterns in Booklet #401 Berroco Aero to get you going. This is Mera, a super simple poncho that shows off the color changing shifts of Berroco Aero.Mera-1.jpg

Then there’s Berroco Brielle™. Don’t tell the other yarns but this one might be my favorite. This blend of cotton, polyester, acrylic, wool, and alpaca provides tons of soft, luxurious feeling texture, without breaking the bank. The core of the yarn is white cotton, which is then wrapped by a thin gold thread that adds just a little bit of glitz, along with a combination of wool and acrylic that’s dyed (available in 8 colors) and provides just a touch of halo.Brielle_lg.jpg

The result is projects that feel both classic and contemporary. They can be dressy or casual (I’ve knit Marne, a Chanel-esque jacket, and have worn it with both black pants for business and jeans for a more casual event) and are surprisingly lightweight—you might think the blend of fibers might be really warm, but I’ve worn my jacket twice within the last few weeks and didn’t have any problem (I was inside both times but not with cranked-up air-conditioning). Yonne, below, has been one of the most popular patterns from Booklet #399 Berroco Brielle, and it’s a great project to start knitting now for fall. Yonne-1.jpg

Next up is Berroco Mercado™. If you were a fan of our Berroco Peruvia, you’ll probably fall in love with Mercado. It’s the same 100% Peruvian Highland wool as Peruvia, and it’s an Aran-weight or heavy-worsted yarn, but it’s a two-ply like Peruvia Quick was (Peruvia was a single ply).

Mercado_lg.jpgMercado is great for a wide range of projects, from simple accessories to heavily cabled sweaters, and we showed off this yarn’s awesome qualities with a giant book—Booklet #400 Berroco Mercado features 11 patterns for men and women, including Gateshead!Gateshead-1.jpg

Next up is Berroco Pixel™! Pixel is a super fun 100% superwash wool yarn that works up at a DK-weight gauge. The yarn is dyed in both color shifts and speckles for a print effect that is so fun in a knitted garment. And since it’s machine washable, Pixel is a great choice for kids’ garments!


Booklet #397 Berroco Pixel has 6 projects, including 2 knitting patterns for kids, 2 accessories, a women’s cardigan knitting pattern, and hat knitting patterns for the whole family. Matilda, shown here, is a simple kid’s sweater with raglan sleeves (and you can see the front and sleeve of Granger, the women’s cardigan pattern—which most definitely has pockets!).


Finally we’ve got Berroco Skye™, a dreamy blend of wool, viscose, yak, and nylon. This sportweight yarn has amazing yardage—273 yards to 50 grams—and comes in 10 colors that have a lovely depth to them, thanks to the unbleached yak fiber.Skye_lg.jpg

Skye works up nicely in a wide range of projects, from lace to cables and crochet! The Pemberley stole demonstrates how beautiful Skye looks in crochet—the work begins with the center panel, then the edgings are worked once the panel is complete. If you want to see how Skye looks in knitting, check out the rest of the projects in Booklet #398 Berroco SkyePemberly-1.jpg

All of these yarns and patterns are available now! Use our Store Locator to see which stores near you might have the new Berroco yarns, and see all of our new patterns in our PDF store. Which of the new yarns are you most excited about?

4 thoughts on “The New Berroco Yarns are Here!

  1. I’m intrigued to try the Pemberley stole (Skye) right away.

    Brielle (shiny!), Pixel (cute!), Aero (wow, so light!) are hard to choose from.

    I probably will try them all …

    1. They’re all so good! Re: Aero’s light weight—we like to throw the balls at folks (we give them warning) when they’re first seeing the yarn so they can see just how incredibly light it is. I /may/ refer to it in the office as “Floofy.”

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