Get ready for the Portfolio Volume 5 Make-Along!

Remember how much fun we had last year with our Berroco Remix Light knit-along? We all discovered how great Remix® Light and it’s big sister, Berroco Remix, are to knit! So for this summer, we decided to revive our love of this recycled fiber–yarn blend and focus on the patterns from Berroco Portfolio Volume 5. Just a note—there are two crochet patterns in the collection and they BOTH also count for this promotion. It’s just really wordy to say knit-or-crochet-along every time. We’ll just call it a “make-along.”

Leah Thibault’s Lake Arrowhead Tee, knit in Berroco Remix Light

Here are the details:
Start day: Sunday, July 1
End day: Friday, August 31
Patterns: Any pattern from Berroco Portfolio Volume 5
Yarn: Berroco Remix® or Berroco Remix Light

Monet’s Ocean Blanket by Brenda York, crocheted in Berroco Remix

As usual, we’ll be chatting about our progress, asking and answering questions, and sharing photos in the Berroco Lovers Ravelry group. You do need a free Ravelry account to post in the threads. And as always, you are not only allowed but encouraged to swatch before the make-along begins.

Once again, we’ll have an optional newsletter series to help you stay motivated and connected to the make-along. Beginning June 29, we’ll be sending out one email a week for the duration of the make-along; each email will have helpful hints and tricks that are useful for the Portfolio Vol. 5 patterns, in-progress photos from participants, and a discussion topic.

You absolutely do not have to sign up for the make-along newsletter to participate, it is completely optional. If you choose to subscribe, your email address will not be used in any way other than to send you information about the Portfolio Volume 5 make-along, and there will be 10 emails in all.

Beachrock Cardigan by Donna Yacino, knit in Berroco Remix

New for this make-along—we’ll be giving away PRIZES as we work together! You could win Berroco yarn, or some of our new pattern books for fall and winter (debuting soon!), and more! We’ll have easy little challenges that will be announced first through the email newsletter (but they will also be posted in Ravelry), so make sure you’re checking in with us through email or the forum!

Andrea Rangel’s Evora Shawl in Berroco Remix Light

I’ll be likely be making a Fragaria Tee, shown at the top of the page—I designed the pattern, but the sample is too small for me, and I really want my own! But I also really love Sachiko Burgin’s Juniper Top and Leah Thibault’s Lake Arrowhead Tee and Kirsten Kapur’s Spruce Head Stole… really, there are no wrong answers here!

And if for some reason you need even more incentive to join in our adventure, we also have a fun and easy photo promotion beginning July 1—so you could work on your Portfolio Volume 5 project AND generate entries for the photo promotion to double your odds of winning Berroco prizes this summer! More information on the photo promotion coming to you next week, so be sure to read your KnitBits!

Head to the Berroco Lovers group on Ravelry and let us know if you’re joining in!

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