Lopi Sweater Knit-along: That’s a wrap!

We finished our Lopi sweater knit-along a few weeks ago, but before I did a whole round-up post, I wanted to give some people a little more time to post photos, so it could be a very comprehensive post. So here we are, with some of the finished projects from our latest knit-along!

Here’s Cartwrin’s gorgeous Solbein Cardigan!
This is Remyrae modeling her beautiful Stopover!
Deegee74 modified Alicia Plummer’s Sing Winter pattern to fit a man and it’s awesome!
Ramonaray has knit 2 of these sweaters since February 1—here’s her Dreyma…
And here’s her Skogafjall!
Here’s Riversmocker’s gorgeous Afmaeli
And Zaouli’s Trefoil cardigan
Love the bold colors Jagster1 chose for her Oraefi!


Psknit’s unsteeked Hela cardigan
TexasGabi used the leftovers from her amazing Utvist cardigan (also knit during the knit-along) to weave a gorgeous bag to match!
Here’s Knittingkidd in her faaaaabulous pink Glaswegian
Hyggebear is also waiting to steek her Hela cardigan
As is vbecker with her Solbein Cardi
TeriHarter took a big leap of faith and not only learned how to customize a sweater by merging two different patterns, she also learned how to steek for the very first time, and look how amazing her sweater is!
kanelle also knit two sweaters, and here is her cheerfully colored Thingvellir sweater
And here’s her other sweater, a bright take on Afmaeli!
Elspethmuir decided to turn Afmaeli into a cardigan—here it is waiting to be steeked.
Our very own Donna Yacino knit her first Lopi sweater—Oraefi!
GlendaRuth’s Dawson City Pullover is just adorable!
Here’s another Oraefi, this one by Hakucat
MadgeSantaFe used Berroco Ultra Wool to knit her Weatherman sweater
Kalypsobean’s Hestapeysa is just darling!
I just love the colors DarleneDaigle used for her Solkatla!
Dcom also used Berroco Ultra Wool in her Strokkur sweater
Holy Batman Sweater!… Batman. Janetsun’s Batmanpeysa in Berroco Vintage is so great!
ksheaperk’s Aftur is so great in this classic color palette!
Starissue knocked out a Skogafjall in the original colors
I really like Skiercue’s color choices for her Glaswegian cardigan (pre-steeked)
CMjanz has a lovely Strokkur!
Love the monochrome scheme in knitdragonflies’ Afmaeli
Vintersol has been hanging out near the top of my queue and after seeing Sue2Knits’ beautiful version, I really want my own!
Super subtle colors make smheath’s Oraefi a classic!
Love the pop of pink in blondeknits’ Afmaeli!
lbelle’s Stopover is just gorgeous
Somebunnyslove knit up a gorgeous autumnal Waves cardigan
jean091’s deep blue Glaswegian is just stunning
saragee’s Aftur really shows off the beautiful patterning of the yoke
knittingauntie is another member of the Stopover tribe with her lovely berry version
I haven’t had a chance to take a photo of my full Weatherman, but here you can see the different colors in the yoke!
mnberg knit up a fiery version of Vintersol in Berroco Ultra Alpaca
ashandwool knocked out this dashing Riddari
Here’s CabledSheep’s lovely Skogafjall
nialana also knit a Dawson City Pullover in Berroco Vintage—love it!
mdayna knit a Gefjun sweater; this is an older pattern but so iconic
Love that deep green of knkottke’s Afmaeli!
Here’s a cheerful Aftur that reminds me of holly berries, knit by fiddleheadfernie
Eli choose bright colors to reflect her West Coast weather in her own Weatherman
Charlie8 knit an Anchor in Einband, the super fine version of Lopi yarn (sneak peek—we’ll be distributing this yarn very soon!)
Love that bright orange in kleewong’s Var cardigan!
The super modern colors of GFTC’s Fishermen’s Sweater for Teatime are so cool!

SO MANY SWEATERS. And all of them are so great. Thank you to everyone who joined and shared photos of your sweaters along the way. We hope to see you all back for our next knit-along, sometime in May. Stay tuned for more info on that!

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  1. Wow! So many beautiful sweaters. This was a fun, inspirational and educational KAL. Thankmyou for making it happen.

  2. Well done by everyone! Very inspiring to see all the different patterns as well as the creative colourways.

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