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*** This giveaway is now closed***

Yes, we’ve got one last giveaway for the month of August, and it’s an opportunity to win your very own copy of Berroco Portfolio Volume 4! This newest collection from our Portfolio series is going to be the focal point of our fall knit-along (KAL), which will begin on September 5 (we’ll have more information about the knit-along on later this week). For now, though, let’s take a look at the Portfolio collection and what you could win!

Each volume of our Portfolio series asks independent designers from around the world to design pieces in specific Berroco yarns. This year, we asked designers to use the new Berroco Ultra® Wool, our 100% superwash merino wool yarn. The designs in this collection all showcase just how great this yarn is for a variety of projects and stitch patterns, from cables and texture to simple lace or colorwork.

If you’re looking for your new fall sweater, be sure to check out Allison Jane’s Isthmus Pullover, knit from the top down with twisted stitch diamonds along the front, back, and sleeves; Jesie Ostermiller’s Glacial Pullover, knit from the bottom up in in simple textured stitches with raglan sleeves and a relaxed fit; Åsa Tricosa’s Macaba Pullover, featuring Åsa’s special top-down contiguous method for shaping the shoulders and sleeve caps all at the same time (no sewing needed to achieve those set-in sleeves!); Courtney Spainhower’s Owinja Pullover, with it’s curved hems and gansey-inspired stitch patterns; or Elizabeth Smith’s Camden Hills Poncho, an easy-wearing layering piece with asymmetrical hems and simple chevron lace motifs.


If you prefer cardigans, we’ve got you covered (pun intended)! Noriko Ho’s Nightingale Cardigan is a classic jacket with pockets and a simple waffle stitch pattern, with a V-neck and long silhouette. Julia Farwell-Clay plays with color (easy to do with the 65 shades of Berroco Ultra Wool) in the Stanza Coat, a hip-length open-front cardigan with graduated stripes and drop shoulders. And Emily Ringelman’s Millington Cardigan has a gorgeously cabled back, centered in a field of a checked pattern, and deep pockets on the front that are worked as part of the body.


If accessories are more your speed, we’ve got a great selection of those, too. Jesie Ostermiller’s Alpine Twist Hat and Mittens set has bold, graphic cables set against garter stitch backgrounds. Connie Chang Chinchio’s Hanover Shawl is worked from the center out with traditional textured stitch patterns forming the stripes. Amy Christoffers’ Hartland Slipper Socks are knit from the toe-up with contrast toes, heels, and cuffs, and a small lace detail at the ankle. Thea Colman’s Clover Club Hat uses three colors for a cheery winter hat with a giant pompom. And Shannon Cook’s Cavilleri Cowl and Hat set combines twisted stitches with simple cable and lace repeats.


If you want to get your hands on a print copy of Berroco Portfolio Volume 4 AND enough Berroco Ultra Wool to make one of these projects, all you have to do is leave a comment letting us know which project you’re most itching to cast on (if you want to list two or three, that’s fine, we completely understand). Comments do have to be approved, so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away. We’ll choose a winner on Tuesday, September 5, so you have until 11:59 pm EST on Monday, September 4, to leave a comment. This giveaway is open to anyone in the world ages 18 and older.

Stay tuned for more information about the Berroco Portfolio Volume 4 Knit-along!

334 thoughts on “Giveaway: Portfolio Volume 4 Collection

  1. All these patterns are lovely! I think my favorite is the Stanza Coat. There are so many beautiful color combinations you could make. I also love the Millington Cardigan and the beautiful cable and stitch pattern. And the Glacial Pullover looks like a cozy winter sweater. There are so many, it’s hard to pick!

  2. I’m cardigan obsessed and already have the Nightingale cardigan in my favorites. I’ve been itching to try Ultra Wool. My LYS Fibre Space has a lovely rainbow wall of it! So tempting.

  3. OMG, the ISTHMUS PULLOVER is so lovely and yet seems very serviceable. I’m tough on clothes, so this sweater would be knit for ME! A rare occurrence, indeed.

  4. As always, so hard to decide from so many gorgeous patterns. Loving cardigans and pockets, the Millington would be perfect to cast on and knit! But I also love cowls and hats (also Shannon Cook patterns), so the Cavilerri Cowl and Hat are also tempting.

  5. Checks, cables, cardigan…the perfect trifecta…I hope to cast on for the Millington Cardigan!

  6. I love the Hanover Cardi and the slipper socks (I could definitely use those in our cold Buffalo winters)!

  7. Wow! Sooooo many great designs. I’d love to knit the Owinja pullover and the Alpine hat & mittens 🙂

  8. Beautiful patterns in the book. I love the Isthmus Pullover and the Alpine Twist Hat, which would perfectly compliment a poncho I am currently making. Thank you!

  9. I have to make the Glacial pulllover. They are all beautiful designs but I am always partial to a gansey type sweater. It’s lovely in it’s simplicity.

  10. I’ve been dreaming about Millington for a few weeks already! Lots of lovely things but that one stands out for me for sure 🙂

  11. I would love to make the Camden Hills poncho in the lovely featured colour. I love blue!

  12. I would love to knit the Nightingale Cardigan. The relaxed fit and pockets are just my style.

  13. I have to pick one, they are all beautiful. The first one I would make is the Glacial pullover.

  14. I would like to knit the Alpine Twist hat and the Cavilleri hat. Maybe a combo with the pompom on the Alpine hat or maybe just all the hats and accessories with sweater in matching yarn.

  15. So many choices….I like all three hats but really like Camden Hills poncho. The one hat pattern that keeps me looking over and over is Clover Club hat.

  16. All are enticing me. My favorites are Nightingale cardigan because it looks so warm and comfy. The Alpine Twist hat and Mittens are speaking out to me too. And then I am enticed by the Camden Hills Poncho too. Thank you very much for this give away and for having a new book packed with lovely designs..

  17. Camden Hills poncho, but so many of the projects are lovely. Good thing ultra alpaca is the same gauge so I can use up stash!

  18. I picked up a copy at my LYS just this afternoon! I’m planning on starting either the Hanover shawl or Cavilleri cowl. But if I had more time to knit, I’d love to make the Camden Hills poncho. So cozy and classic!

  19. I learned to knit just a couple months ago in the hopes that one day I’d be able to make myself a sweater. Either of the Glacial Pullover, Stanza Coat, or Isthmus Pullover would make me happy!

  20. As always, this is a lovely book. The Stanza Coat has caught my eye. I love that it comes in a size that I wouldn’t have to fiddle with and I love the design. Thank you for a great plus size option.

  21. So many to choose from!! I would say my favorite, at this moment, is the Stanza Coat. I have knit sweaters, hats, finger-less mitts, mittens, socks, shawls, ponchos but as yet I have not knit a coat. Would love to complete that on my bucket list! Thank you for this opportunity to win the Book and yarn.

  22. I am smitten by the lovely stitch details in the Owinja pullover, and attracted to the comfortable silhouette of the Glacial pullover. Decisions decisions – I know I’d be happy knitting either one out of Berroco Ultra

  23. My first choice would be the Nightingale Cardigan, in the color shown. I also love the Stanza Coat, although it might be a little long for those of us who are shorter than models. It would be really fun to knit as well as wear.

  24. I would like to make the Isthmus Pullover most of all and then the Alpine Twist Hat and Mitts and the Slipper Socks

  25. I would love to make the Isthmus Pullover for myself. I rarely make anything for me but I love the style of the neck on this pulloever and would enjoy making it and wearing it.

  26. Love the Glacial Pullover and the Stanza Coat. Love all the accessories also. Most importantly I love Berroco yarn for its beauty, softness, and ease of knitting.

  27. Millington cardigan is my first choice. I can see myself wearing it regularly. I’d also love to knit any of the hats, love the designs.

  28. They’re all so beautiful! I would love to make the Owinja pullover, the Alpine twist hat or the Hartland slipper socks!

  29. I am torn between the Nightingale and Millington cardigans. I always keep a cardigan handy. Love the pockets!

  30. Isthumus Pullover. I’d even go back to knitting top-down to make it. And the Clover Club Hat because color blocking, stranded, and Thea.

  31. Its a definite tie on which I want to cast on first. the Stanza Coat or the Isthmus Pullover. Love these types of tough decisions!

  32. I love the Hanover shawl & the Hartland slipper socks! I’m already feeling the chill here. I’m ready for these beautiful patterns!

  33. Right away I faved on Ravelry the Glacial Pullover, Millington Cardi and Owinja Pullover and a couple others are in my queue. VERY nice collection!

  34. All of the designs look amazing. It’s hard to narrow down to which one I would want to start first! I loved the glacial pullover and the isthmus pullover.

  35. The glacial pullover and owinja sweater are so gorgeous!!!! But this whole collection is stunning! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  36. Loving the modernized classic design of the Glacial pullover! And maybe with the Alpine Twist Hat. I would have a tough time deciding on whether to use Cream (very classic and great with jeans) or something like the Wheat or Oat!

  37. The Hartland Slipper Socks by Amy Christoffers are my favorites, and I would love to make them as a gift for my granddaughter!

  38. So many to pick just one! But I’d have to say my first project would be the candam hills poncho. Love, love, love the boarder!

  39. The Isthmus pullover will challenge my skills to the limit but think of the satisfaction when done!!!

  40. Love the Cavilleri hat and cowl but also the Millington Cardi. The yarn really pops with stitch definition.

  41. My daughter loves unique and vintage clothes, and I’ve been looking for just the right piece for her…and I think I’ve found it! I love the neckline and detailing of the Isthmus pullover and think that she will, too!

  42. I think my fave is the Camden Hills Poncho, but I also love the Millington Cardigand too. So many lovely designs to choose from!!

  43. Love so many but prob would try the Owinja AND Isthmus sweaters. Both are absolutely lovely!

  44. This will be a fun knit a long. There are so many great patterns. I love the cowl and the poncho.

  45. I’ve never made a garment yet, so I’m not sure I’d pick one of them in spite of how beautiful they all are. I’d probably pick one of the hats/gloves or possibly the cabled capelet.

  46. There are many beautiful patterns in this portfolio- hard to choose just one. So I have to say both the Millington Cardigan and the Hanover Shawl are patterns I would love to knit.

  47. I’d make the Millington Cardigan – very cool the way the pockets are made! It’s a Winner!!

  48. Millington cardigan, Hartland slipper socks, & The Macaba pullover would be first on my list but they are all great patterns!

  49. The Isthmus Pullover looks beautiful! The twisted stitch diamonds and the neckline create a very chic look.

  50. I want to knit socks so the
    Hartland slipper socks look like a great place to learn. Thanks.

  51. The Hanover Shawl is first on my list due to its uniqueness and then the Clover Cub Hat would be my first foray into stranded knitting.

  52. So many wonderful patterns to knit. I’ll make some of the hats for gifts but I will knit the Nightingale Cardigan for me. I just have to decide on the color of Ultra Wool.

  53. I love the diamonds on the Isthmus Pullover, but that neckline would bug me. However, the Glacial Pullover looks similar to one of my favorite comfy sweaters, so looks like a great more refined version of a piece I know I already love!

  54. When I saw the picture of the Glacial Pullover on Facebook I just had to follow the link, but then I saw the Isthmus Pullover—that gorgeous neckline. <3
    Now I want to make both!

  55. The Millington Cardigan is my choice for best of a great bunch! I love pockets–rare for women’s sweaters–and the combination of cables and loads of overall texture is over the top luscious!!

  56. Very hard to choose between the Isthmus pullover and the Owinja pullover – I love them both!

  57. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Caveilleri Cowl. It’s just the right cover you need all year round for the over conditioned indoors no matter the season.

  58. Eeeeeeeeeeek! I WILL make Cavilleri Cowl and hat, Hanover shawl, Camden hills poncho. Love! Love! Love!

  59. So many things to love! My fingers are itching to get started. I think the Camden Hills poncho will be my first project.

  60. I would love to make the Millington Cardigan for my daughter and the Macaba Pullover for myself. Both patterns are beautiful!

  61. Ooo itchin to cast on Asa’s Macaba!!! ..Closely followed by Glacial pullover… a girl must have more than one new jumper a year right?

  62. I have been dreaming of making the Isthmus Pullover (closely followed by the Owinja and Glacial pullovers).

  63. With New England winter around the corner, I’m really looking forward to working up the Glacial cardigan. Since there’ll be plenty of white around, I’m think I should use red yarn, maybe a bright blue.

  64. It will be the Isthmus Pullover for me – I love the neck, the texture, and even the color you chose!

  65. I love Isthmus for the yoke, Glacial for the texture and Owinja for the great fit. Will be a difficult decision which one to make first!

  66. I am loving this issue. But I would first start with the Isthmus sweater in ultra wool in sage. Or pretty much any blue or green for that matter. It spoke to me the sweater. Love cables of any kind.

  67. Oh there are quiet a few beautiful designs in that issue.
    Wel here we go. I’ld love to knit Isthmus, Macaba, Alpine Twist Hat and the Cavilleri Cowl.

  68. Originally the Owinja sweater caught my eye because the textures are so beautiful – and then I saw the Stanza coat! So I guess I’ll have to flip a coin to decide where to start…. ;~))

  69. Millington Cardigan, Glacial Pullover or Isthmus Pullover – this is the last decision to be made. But also the remaining patterns are so beautiful. You have made a successful selection for Volume # 4.

  70. Loads of beautiful things! But the first things I’d make are Shannon Cook’s Cavilleri Hat and Cowl set – those twisted stitches and cables really pop in Ultra Wool. As for the sweaters, I think Isthmus is my favourite. Love those cables and that neckline is so chic. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  71. So many wonderful designs! My first choice is the Macaba pullover. I really enjoy the challenge of her patterns and like the top down, no seams approach.

  72. I have been furiously learning to knit so I can make the Camden Hills Poncho and many more in this portfolio!

  73. I would love to make either the Isthmus Pullover or the Millington Cardigan; the Clover Club hat is also on my wish list–I recently learned that I am a candidate for knee replacement surgery first with hip replacement on the same leg at a later date so these projects would definitely be something to keep my mind occupied.

  74. Wow! So many to choose from, but if I had to choose one, it would be Jesie Ostermiller’s Glacial Pullover.

  75. There are more than one project that I would like to knit. Owinija Pullover, Camden Hills Poncho, Hartland Slipper Socks and Cavilleri Cowl and Hat.

  76. I haven’t done a KAL in quite some time, but the Isthmus Pullover and the Glacial Pullover are calling to me!

  77. Beautiful collection as always! My #1 would have to be Spainhower’s Owinja pullover, followed up closely by the Isthmus sweater! 😁

  78. Awesome collection! Would have a touch time deciding which to knit first. Probable go with poncho then keep going through the collection! Good luck everyone 👍

  79. Oh, I have my eye on making the Stanz Coat. So many possibilities with color and yarn choices. Putting it on my winter project list.

  80. This is going to be so wrong from me to say but I hardly ever find a book that I want to knit more than 2 garments from… However I really love all the sweaters in this issue. The Camden Hills Poncho is so me and Alabama fall/winters, Glacial Pullover is the perfect amount of positive ease without being to bulky and the Stanza Coat makes me heart happy… but that is not even all! I am LOVING the accessories, Clover Club Hat and Cavilleri Hat are a must as well.

  81. Multi colour stripe cardigan….✅
    Sleeve and neck detail pullover…✅
    Hat to coordinate the looks…✅
    Cowl… just because…✅
    So many fab looks, so little time to get them all done! I’ll have to hibernate until Thanksgiving…✅✅✅

  82. Stanza Coat is exactly what I’ve been looking for my next project. I also like the Camden hills poncho and the Heartland slipper socks… Oh, I love them all!

  83. I ❤️ the Isthmus pullover!! I also would love to knit the stanza coat. There are such lovely knits in this collection.

  84. I have very little personal time so my projects need to be a manageable size. The Cavilleri Cowl is my size project. I love the detail of this pattern and the comfort of a shrug in the fall. Mmmmm…’s calling my name.

  85. I love the flow and drape of Camden Hills poncho. With the addition of the lace pattern around the bottom perfection!!

  86. I love the Owinja sweater and would also consider doing either the Glacial sweater and/or the Stanza coat.

  87. I would love ❤️ to knit the Camden Hills poncho as I have never knitted a poncho and it looks so versatile – love the chevrons on the pattern too.

  88. I am in love with the glacier pullover and the Millington cardigan. I can’t decide which one will be first on my needles.

  89. Owinja Pullover caught my eye immediately! It was the unique shoulder detail that appealed to me. Would love to make, and wear it!

  90. There are so many great choices and I love to read the patterns and study the yarns before deciding, however I am looking for materials for a new sweater for myself, and I see several in this.

  91. I love all three of the featured cardigan patterns. Waffle Stitch, stripes, or cables? Great options. Maybe I’ll knit all three.

  92. As usual, beautiful patterns. Would love to knit the Stanza Coat and any of the pullovers, especially Owinga and Isthmus.

  93. Making a present for my daughter and she loves the Alpine hat and mittens. She needs them to keep warm in Colorado.

  94. Wow!! I just love all of the sweaters and hats in this collection!! I would have to choose the Millington Cardigan or the Owinja Pullover as the first to cast on…just beautiful!

  95. There are so many pretty designs in here!! I don’t know where I would start first! Thank you for an awesome giveaway!!

  96. I Love the Stanza coat!! It looks like it would become an old friend by being the one you grab to wrap around you.

  97. I love the nightingale cardigan. It reminds me of sweaters I knit when I first started knitting over 50 years ago.

  98. I’m loving the Macaba Pullover and I especially want to try the top-down contiguous method which will be new to me!

  99. It will be the Isthmus Pullover for me – I love the neck, the texture but there are so many nice things inside the book!

  100. The Glacial Pullover is a new classic! Slim fitting sleeves with a casual fit body combined with just the right amount of detail to be interesting without fussiness. I know it will knit up perfectly in either the new Ultra Wool or my perennial favourite Ultra Alpaca. Thank you Berocco and Jesie Ostermiller.

  101. Oh dear, how to choose a favorite?! They are all lovely. I think I would cast on the Millington Cardigan first, but love them all!

  102. The Stanza Coat!! I loves me some color! I’d also make the Clover Club hat, because I’m currently obsessed with Fair Isle! I want to knit all the things!!

  103. Im not itching to cast on..have enough itch from meds to last awhile…more like loving the stitch pattern and that neck opening is bbbbeeaaauuttiifffuullllllllllllll!!!

  104. Love the Millington cardigan! I’ve been needing more layering pieces, and this looks like a great new classic!

  105. I really love either the Stanza Coat (looks extremely cozy!!!) or the Camden Hills Poncho. All of the patterns look lovely for fall!

  106. All the patterns are so beautiful (love ALL the hats!) but the Camden Hill Poncho looks like the perfect layering piece and is already in my queue. I’ve been itching to trying Ultra Wool.

  107. Two garments that call to me are the Macaba pullover with its wonderful neck. Also the Owinja pullover with the fantastic sleeve detailing. I can see both in my wardrobe.

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