Remix Light KAL: Finishing Up

Our Remix Light KAL is winding down; there have been some amazing projects made during the two months! Many gorgeous new Derecho tees are out in the world now, but there was one question about the very end of the pattern that was recently asked. 

To finish the body of the Derecho, you work the front and back hems separately—this allows you to create the slightly longer back hem while having a smooth edge at the bottom. You can see what I’m talking about in this photo.

If you’re not very familiar with picking up stitches while having live stitches on the needles, it’s pretty easy. Since Derecho is knit from the top down, and you’re picking up stitches after working the right side of the back hem, you’re picking up stitches along the left vertical side of the hem; then you pick up stitches that are bound off to create a separation between the back and front hem; then you work across the front hem, pick up stitches in the bound-off edge, and then pick up stitches in the right vertical side of the hem.

Alison and I made a really quick and gritty video to demonstrate how easy it is to pick up these stitches. Let us know if this helps, or if you have additional questions!

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  1. thank you wish this video had been available before I finished the 3 Derecho already completed

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