Making Giveaway Winner- and some thoughts on Colors

Congratulations to Three Pretty Posies on winning the Making + Remix Light giveaway. Our contest has ended, but you can still get copies of the Making Dots issue from Making

When I originally proposed the idea, I had swatched in the shade Almond. I was picturing it as being a perfect spring/summer piece in pale shades. I could see it working beautifully in Birch, Cameo Pink, Smoke…

But when the sample came back from the knitter I started thinking that I would like it in Pepper or Juniper. I wear a lot of dark neutral colors, and often default to black. I find dark greens always feel like the perfect alternative to black and there’s a ready-to-wear cardigan in my closet that has been worn to threads and should be replaced.

So imagine my surprise then the overwhelming response to the question of what color would you knit your hope was Old Jeans, a beautiful bright denim blue, followed closely by Strawberry and Buttercup. You love your brights!


Thanks so much to everyone who entered our giveaway. I loved imagining the Hope cardigan in all the different colors reading your comments.




  1. Your colours make me want to prepare for my next knitting project, maybe the dark green would look great this fall.

  2. I hope you can help me. I have a Berroco pattern I am searching for. It is Berroco Booklet #313 Comfort & Vintage – Clinton. Happy to pay to he price if I can find it. It has a lit if colors in it.

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