Remix Light KAL: Halfway Done!

We’re a little more than halfway through the Berroco Remix Light KAL and things are going swimmingly! Most folks chose to knit Derecho for the KAL (some are working on Ponente, and a few other have chosen patterns that we didn’t publish, which was an option).

Early on, we promised that Derecho could be a quick knit, if you have time to knit frequently. This promise was proven pretty quickly—we’re now about 5 weeks into the KAL and we’ve had a bunch of people finish their Derecho!

A couple of people finished their Derecho sweaters and immediately cast on for more projects in Remix Light! Gabi crocheted this gorgeous shawl, knit a pair of baby shorts, and is also working on a knitted shawl (!!!), and Myriam is knitting a pair of Jammer Shorts designed by Emily Ringelman to pair with her two-tone Derecho.

As for my progress on my Derecho, I’m about halfway finished! I had to pause a bit to work on future projects, but I’m hoping to get back to it soon! 

How’s your Remix Light KAL project coming? There’s plenty of time to join in and whip up your own Derecho, or any other pattern, using Berroco Remix Light!

6 thoughts on “Remix Light KAL: Halfway Done!

    1. It is! I think there’s a couple of people knitting Khamaseen in the knit-along, but no one’s posted photos yet. I hope they will!

  1. Hi. My knitting shop closed. It was in Indiana. Is there any way you could send or email me a bingo sheet. Thank you. Joan Adis

    1. Hi! You can find the Berroco Bingo sheets at (just scroll down and click on the button that says Berroco Bingo).

  2. I knit a baby’s hat using Remix Light and it was a delight to work with. The recepient’s three year old brother helped to design the hat and was thrilled to present it to their mom a week before his baby sister was born.

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