Summertime Knit-Along! Featuring Berroco Remix Light

That’s right, we’re doing another knit-along! For summertime weather, nothing beats a soft, lightweight yarn with a lot of yardage and some great projects to choose from, so for this knit-along (KAL), we’re focusing on our brand new Berroco Remix® Light!

Berroco Remix LightIf you’ve ever worked with our worsted weight Berroco Remix®, you’ll enjoy knitting with this new DK-weight version. If you haven’t worked with Remix before, get ready—this 100% recycled fibers yarn will become your new go-to yarn for warm weather. It’s a blend of nylon, cotton, acrylic, silk, and linen, all of which are reclaimed from ready-to-wear garments. The mill that makes Remix takes cast-off clothes from stores, shreds these pieces into very fine fibers, and then spins them into this gorgeous, tweedy yarn with a crazy amount of yardage.

Berroco Remix has long been a favorite of the Berroco design department, and we were really excited to get the slightly thinner DK weight version for spring. Berroco Remix Light comes in 12 shades right now, and each ball has a whopping 432 yards to 100 grams!

Our next KAL is going to be centered around Berroco Remix Light. You can choose any pattern you want to knit or crochet using this yarn—any pattern at all—that calls for a DK-weight yarn. We generally recommend knitting Remix Light at a gauge of 5.5 stitches to 1″ on a US size 5 (3.75 mm) (or 22 stitches to 4″), but of course, we also recommend swatching any project when you’re substituting yarn. We’ve got more than 200 patterns that are worked at that gauge—take a look through our patterns and see if anything inspires you! You can filter by free or paid patterns in the filter bar to the left of the pattern images.

If you prefer a more structured approach (aka, we tell you which pattern you should knit), Alison and Amy P from the Berroco Design Team will be knitting Derecho, a top-down tee worked with a purl ridge and eyelet circular yoke. Knit seamlessly in one piece, this tee is a great intro to sweater knitting project, and it only requires 2–4 balls of Berroco Remix Light, so it’s very affordable! We’ve also got five other projects from Booklet #386 Berroco Remix Light that might appeal to you.Derecho knitting pattern in Berroco Remix Light

The KAL starts May 15 and runs through July 15, so you’ll have plenty of time to work on a larger project if you desire. We’ll be chatting away in our Ravelry group, so be sure to join in—it’s really easy to ask questions as you’re knitting and talk about your progress, and you can share photos if you’re so inclined.

Check out our Store Locator page to find an LYS near you that carries Berroco Remix Light so you can see the yarn in person and get your project lined up before May 15.

43 thoughts on “Summertime Knit-Along! Featuring Berroco Remix Light

    1. Hi Bev! You can join in our Ravelry group— That’s where will be chatting away!

  1. Can you explain what a knit along is? Does everyone knit at the same time on the same day at their computers? If not, and you have comments or questions are they answered right away? How does this worK?

    1. Hi Donna! The way we run our digital knit-alongs is pretty simple. We’re not asking everyone to be on their computers at the same time every day—since this could be a global project, that would be really hard to coordinate—just that people start their project on or after the start date (in this case, May 15), and post in our group on Ravelry. We’ll answer questions as quickly as we can, but the beauty of posting in the Ravelry group is that anyone can answer questions—so even if someone has a question at a time when someone from Berroco can’t get to it right away, there are some great knitters in the Ravelry group who will help get the problem sorted out.

    1. Depending on which size you plan on knitting, you may not need much more yarn. But just in case, I’d recommend picking up an extra ball—since there’s more than 400 yards in each ball of yarn, you could easily extend the length of your sleeves with that amount.

  2. I’d like to join and knit either the tee or cardigan. However before I order the patterns sizes are not listed. My bust is 50″. Will either of these patterns work for me. I’d also like sleeves on the tee a bit longer. Thanks in advance for your reply. Teri from Oregon

    1. Hi Teri,

      Our patterns do list the pattern sizes—you have to click the “pattern information” button on the right-hand side, underneath the image of the yarn, and it lists the sizes, along with all other pertinent information for each pattern.

      The sizes for Ponente (the cardigan) are: FINISHED MEASUREMENTS
      Bust (closed)—35½(39½-44-49-53½-57½-62)” after blocking
      Note: This garment was designed with approximately 4–6″ of ease. Please take this into consideration when selecting your size.

      And for Derecho (the dark gray tee):
      Back Length—23(24-24½-25-25½-25¾-26-26¼-26½)”
      Note: This garment was designed with approximately 4–6″ of ease. Please take this into consideration when selecting your size.

      1. Thank you for your reply, and information. I guess I just didn’t click enough.

        I’ll be happy to join and I’ll sign up on Revelry.

        Teri form Oregon

        On Tue, Apr 25, 2017 at 10:21 AM, wrote:

        > apalmerberroco commented: “Hi Teri, Our patterns do list the pattern > sizes—you have to click the “pattern information” button on the right-hand > side, underneath the image of the yarn, and it lists the sizes, along with > all other pertinent information for each pattern. The sizes f” >

      2. It’s not the most obvious—I frequently forget that it’s there—so hopefully your question will help someone else! Glad you’re joining us—I think this will be lots of fun!

  3. May I order Derecho PDR and 3 skeins of buttercup from your website … then join the knit-along? I have never been a part of a knit-along before.

  4. Hi, Amy. Do I need to wait until May 15 to join this Ravelry group? I just tried and they said there is no such group. Thanks!

  5. Hi, am I able to order the pattern for the dark grey tee from New Zealand, I think it would be ideal for a winter extra.

  6. I’ll have to order the yarn and pattern online; there are NO stores anywhere near me (near St Louis, MO) that carry it! But I’ve already found 2 online sources that I’ve used before, so I’ll be knitting Derecho with y’all!

  7. Hi knitters.
    I would like to make the Derecho sweater. I’m using your Remix Light.
    I’m knitting a gauge swatch and I do like the soft feel of the yarn…BUT…the gauge is not
    correct on either a size 5 or 6 needle. Swatch is too small. Any ideas? Will 7 needles make the fabric too see-thru?
    This is my first KAL.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Eunice! I’d recommend the 49″ bust circumference—you’ll want to have a little bit of ease with the finished sweater.

    1. Hi Pat,

      We list it as intermediate, but it’s pretty easy if you’ve got some basic skills. You’ll need to know how to knit in the round, work basic short-rows, work an M1L and M1R (or substitute another increase stitch), and work SSK and K2tog decreases.

  8. Please tell me how a knit-along works … I have the pattern and yarn … I know that you prefer we don’t start until May 15 … I also know that we will not ALL be on the computer at the same time [not possible!] … but I don’t know how we will “knit-along together … or how to hear from you, or others … and where. Please describe the procedure to me. Thank you!

    1. Hi Tomi!

      When we do the online knit-alongs, we mostly just chat and share photos if we want in our Berroco Lovers Ravelry group. Ravelry is free to join if you’re not already a member. Here’s the thread for the Remix Light KAL and you can see some past examples of our KALs in the main group: We’ll also be posting relevant blog posts here on our blog—you can follow along with them by clicking the Remix Light KAL link in the right hand column (if you’re looking at this on a computer screen). Let me know if you have any other questions!

      1. Thanks for your reply!!! I bookmarked the link, so I can refer to it often. This is my first time to knit short rows (even though I have been knitting for 47 years! It is about time I learned, isn’t it?! My question is … how hard is it to keep up with rounds, when you keep turning? Also … must we really wait until May 15 to begin?

      2. I think you’ll find that it’s not that hard to keep track of the rows. Since you haven’t knit short-rows yet, I’ll explain a bit about how they work (forgive me if this is redundant information).

        Short-rows, even when worked in the round, are really just worked over one row of knitting—you start knitting the row, turn at a specific point, work back to a specific point and turn, keep repeating that as long as it says to, and then you work to the end of the very same row that you started with. Short-rows add length to a project by working shorter rows (hence the name) within a row. This link has a pretty good visual representation of short rows, though it’s not as clear as I would like (I couldn’t find anything better, quickly).

        As you’re working the short-rows, you’ll be able to see where you turned, which makes counting/keep track very easy. It’s one of those things that’s kind of hard to explain but once you do it, it makes more sense.

        Well, I’m not going to go ’round to everyone’s house to see if they’re waiting, so you do what you gotta do. 😉 You could always swatch to check your gauge before you start, if that helps the cast-on itch!

      3. Thanks so much for your quick reply! I can’t wait to get started!

      4. A couple of ladies meet at my house every Thursday at 1pm to knit … anyone in the Greensboro, NC area who would like to join us? I will be working on this Derecho. 🙂

      5. That’s so nice of you! You should consider posting this in the Ravelry group, if you’d like—I’m not sure how many people read through all of these comments. 😀

  9. I love this yarn! I am so allergic to wool and cannot work with it at all and when I found this product, it became my instant favorite.

  10. I am excited about a non wool yarn project knit along for a ladies sweater. I know someone asked about a gauge swatch above. Is this yarn hard to get gauge with like some linen yarn?

  11. I love Kollage needles, but the longer length circulars needed for this pattern only come in 24″ and 32″. If the pattern calls for 29″, would you go up or down? Thank you!

    1. Hi Diane!

      I also answered this on Ravelry but in case anyone else comes by and has a similar question, a lot of it depends on personal preference. For me, I probably won’t change to a longer needle unless the stitches get too bunched up to move around easily, so I’d probably stick with the 24″. On the other hand, 32″ is a better length for magic loop projects. Decisions!

  12. This looks fun, and I actually know how to do short rows, Haha
    I’ve never joined a KAL so this might be fun, and this yarn sounds great for NH’s humid summers.

  13. I just finished the short rows and was looking forward to knitting in the round when I realized the neck is twisted! Now I know what it means when instructions say “be careful not to twist.”

  14. I would like to join the knitalong (I have never tried this before), and wanted to know how, exactly, you would go about increasing the length of the sleeves on the Derecho top. There should be some decreases, I would think, but where would you begin decreasing? (Like someone else said, I think I would like to make it a 3/4 length sleeve, or thereabouts.) I would be making the size that is 40″ bust when finished, I believe.

    Also, I am not sure how to do the wrap and turn. Is there a video (I received an error message when trying to access one I saw on your KAL page on Ravelry) or can you do German short rows instead?


    1. Hi Cindy!

      We’ve talked about this some in the Ravelry group—feel free to join us to stay on top of all the discussion! If you’re thinking of making the sleeves 3/4 length, I would suggest working decreases maybe every 8 rows—they should slim down nicely without getting too tight.

      We do have a Wrap and Turn video, but we also have a website that is acting wonky right now—sorry about that! Here’s a direct link to the video on YouTube:

  15. Hi, am on my 3rd Derecho T. With each one, have understood better the pattern. However, am still challenged when choosing size. example:. Bust – 36(40-44-48-52-56-60-64)”
    Note: This garment was designed with approximately 4 – 6″ of ease. Is the amount of ease added o the actual bust measurement? Is so does 64″ equal a 58 bust size?

    1. Hi Norma,

      We wrote a blog post that somewhat addresses this question, maybe it will help your understanding:

      Please note, there is a correction for the sizing—we recommend 1–4″ ease (we apologize for the original error).

      Ease is very simply the difference between the finished measurements, which are what we list in the pattern, and the circumference of the body part in question. If the finished measurement says 64″ and the knitter gets gauge, the finished project will be 64″ in circumference at the bust.

      If this is being knit for someone with a 58″ bust circumference, we would recommend choosing the 60″ finished measurement size. That will yield 2″ of ease, as 60″ (finished measurement of the garment) minus 58″ (bust circumference of the person wearing the garment) equals 2″.

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