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Emily Explains: How do I create a removable pom-pom?

In this week’s Amy’s Thread, Amy shared a project she’d recently finished. It’s a super cute hat designed by Misa Erder called Bubble Star. She used a clever technique, also used in Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Fishbones pattern from Portfolio vol. 1, to attach a removable pom-pom to the hat. Want to learn how it’s done?

Mary Jane Muckelstone Hat-9430
Fishbones by Mary Jane Mucklestone

It is so simple and easy!

First, make a pom-pom (For a refresher, watch this video).


Thread the tails of the pom-pom through a tapestry needle and pull it from the outside to the inside of the hat.


IMG_3407Using a two-hole button, thread each strand from your pom-pom into a hole of the button.


Tie your strands of yarn into a sturdy bow.


Voila! You have attached a removable pom-pom. If you change your mind, you can take it off, or you can make a different colored pom-pom for whatever mood you are in!


Happy Making!


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