Ashley’s Adventures in Knitting: My First Zipper

I it find equally awesome and intimidating that knitting has seemingly endless techniques to be learned. When I cast on for Willard in our Berroco Home Crochet & Knit-Along at the end of June, I decided it was the right time to try sewing in a zipper.

It helped that I had more than a month to mentally prepare! The front of the pillow is covered in beautiful bobbles and thin cables on a reverse stockinette background, which took me a while to knit.

Willard (front view)
Willard (front view)

Instead of binding off after the last row, I continued knitting in reverse stockinette to make a solid back. I realized after the fact that I probably should have put markers on either side of that first row of the back to help with measuring/seaming (see, I’m always learning). So if any of you decide to make this modification, take note!

blocking my Willard before seaming
blocking my Willard before seaming

The sample pillow that was featured in booklet #367 Berroco Home actually has two overlapping back flaps, which are knit sideways and secured with i-cord ties.

Willard (back view)
Willard (back view)

I seamed my Willard along the side and bottom and purchased an 18″ zipper for the other side. Since this was my first time sewing a zipper on anything, I watched Emily’s video, How-To: Sew in a Zipper, for pointers.

I had a couple of false starts, and I know it’s not perfect, but I’m pretty pleased with my first zipper! Here’s how my finished Willard looks:

Are there any knitting add-ons/techniques that intimidate you?


  1. Nice job! One tip I learned for my first pillow – if your pillow form is 12in, make your cover 11 1/2 to 12 so it’s a snug fit so your design can stand out and the pillow stuffing will settle over them. I love the zipper – I did this with a fabric pillow I made but love the idea of adding it to knitting

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