Amy’s Thread: Bubble Star!

Around the time that the Artisan yarn samples were arriving in the Berroco offices, Misa Erder’s pattern Bubble Star came out on Ravelry, and I knew I’d found a perfect match of yarn and pattern. Bubble Star is a perfect first colorwork project for an adventurous beginning knitter. The easy to read chart is only 14 rounds of knitting with 2 colors, the rest of the hat is simple stockinette stitch.

For my hat, I used Berroco Artisan in shade #6007 ‘Gulf of Maine’ as the main color and shade #6039 ‘Maritime’ as the contrast color. I had to go down 1 needle size to get gauge, though this is typical for me since as I am a pretty loose knitter. For the garter stitch brim, I dropped down 2 needle sizes. I knit the stockinette section in a single evening, sitting around a campfire with my family.


The secret to working stranded colorwork is to have a gentle tension.


You can see in the photo above that the floats of the non-working yarn on the wrong side are quite loose. It is easy to go back and ‘snug-up’ your stitches if it looks too loose later. IMG_1759

For the crown shaping, you are instructed to use double pointed needles when the stitches can no longer slide comfortably around the 16″ circular. I prefer the method of using 2 circular needles – mostly because I can never find 4 of the right size DPNs, but I also find it easier to keep track of my rounds this way. You can see here – the needles just have to be the same size (I knit my hat on a US 6/4.0mm) but they don’t need to be the same length or brand.


I made my pom-pom using Emily’s Fork technique, super quick and easy!


I leave the tails that tie the pom pretty long and use them to attach the pom-pom to the hat. I anchored the pom-pom on the wrong side with a 2 hole button – A trick I learned from Mary Jane Muckelstone’s Fishbones hat.


Misa is an incredibly talented knitter and designer whose projects have been inspiring me for many years, this is the first time I have knit one of her patterns but it won’t be the last!


  1. Reblogged this on Crochet And Knitting Patterns and commented:
    This is really quite cute, and I just had to share it…in case you missed it.
    There is a fee for the pattern, and like Amy stated…a great pattern for a beginner with an easy to read chart. I may go for this one myself 🙂

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