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Amy’s Thread: Mai Tai Giveaway

Something refreshing just in the nick of time! The BabyCocktails Tiki Collection by Thea Colman is an ebook of tropical knits (paper umbrellas not included) featuring Mai Tai, a cowl knit in Berroco Ultra Alpaca.

From Thea:

These focus on bright color, deep texture, and bold details. I tried to take the vibrant and lush feeling of the tiki bar and translate it into some fun projects to get us through the last push of winter…

tiki cover page 2-2

About The Mai Tai Cowl…I wanted something big and squooshy and textured for this design. A slipped stitch motif gives the fabric an extra lofty feel, while adding texture and depth to the background for the cables, which are placed off center on the long wrap.

This one is easy to alter for depth or width, and instructions are given in the pattern. Three sizes are given, for a short, long or medium cowl. The sample is knit to the largest size.

The Ultra Alpaca comes in every possible color imaginable, and the subtle heather in the yarn adds to the beauty of the stitch motif. It’s light and warm and soft – and a bargain 🙂

I couldn’t agree more! And because we could all use a little something bright and happy, I’m excited to partner with Thea for a giveaway!

Mai Tai Giveaway

Enter: Post a comment telling us what you do to beat the late-winter blahs. You’ll be entered to win Thea’s new ebook and enough Ultra Alpaca (in shade #62178 Grapefruit Mix) to knit your own Mai Tai cowl.

Details: Must be 18 years or older and a resident of the U.S. or Canada to be eligible for the prize. Comments must be posted by  11:59 PM EST on Sunday, March 15. One winner will be chosen at random and announced on the blog next Monday, March 16.

104 thoughts on “Amy’s Thread: Mai Tai Giveaway

  1. Lately I have been pretending to go camping in my living room! I set up my sleeping bag in front of the fireplace and daydream of summer camping trips under the stars. I can’t wait!

  2. Lately I have been pretending to camp out in my living room! I set up my sleeping bag in front of the fireplace and daydream of summer camping trips under the stars. I can’t wait!

  3. I get out and about every day by choosing a destination. It’s motivating to have something to look forward to, gives me energy, sunshine, and you never know what you’re going to find. Thanks PS – LOVE the Ultra Alpaca Grapefruit Mix colour.

  4. I start to plan my garden and start adding summer knits to my project queue. I love Ultra Alpaca and am using it right now for a neck warmer.

  5. Just ordered the yarn (Vintage) for a scarf for my son, who will be starting law school next fall in a city that has actual winter (his first time to experience)…even though he won’t need it for months, we’re celebrating his admission & scholarship! His fiancee loves infinity scarves, and if I win, I’ll make this for her for when she visits him & needs to bundle up.

  6. I try to get as much sunshine & fresh air as possible (even if it still looks & feels like winter) A bright splash of color in the wardrobe doesn’t hurt!

  7. I start knitting lighter weight things in MUCH springier colors (like the one above). And I’d LOVE to knit this cowl! It’s just gorgeous!

  8. Winter blahs? Nope. But, as far as blahs during winter or otherwise, I occupy myself with my favorite past time – knitting a new project.

  9. Late winter blahs mean taking every single “spring-like” day to go out in the yard and play with my “kids” — the four legged canine variety. Always lifts my spirits if the weather is nice enough to sit out with them and enjoy a teaser day of spring!

  10. We make fruity drinks (strawberry daquiris, coladas, sangrias) and grill out, even in the snow and ice. Hubby flips steaks while I browse seed catalogues.

  11. The late-winter blahs are in full force here in Michigan. We’ve been lucky to have some sun so I at least try to get some Vitamin D when it’s not too frigid! Otherwise, I curl up and knit as the only good thing about this long of a winter is wearing my hand-knit sweaters!

  12. I knit for my family and started to knit for hospice. I quilt and read — do a little cooking

  13. Late winter blahs disappear when I rummage in my sock yarn basket to find the brightest cheeriest wildest colors there. Also it helps that I really really love my sweaters and cowls, just not the old grubby remnants of snow or the muddy aftermath of the melting.

  14. It is all about bright color to get rid of the winter blahs. I have a hot pink and orange spring coat that I wear once it is not freezing out.

  15. I am enjoying knitting with brighter colors an lighter weight yarn than I normally would. My current project is a sweater in Comfort DK.

  16. Living in northeast Ohio I do what I can to keep warm & enjoy winter like XC skiing, throwing snowballs to our dogs, drinking yummies to chase the chill away, & of course knitting in bright colors!

  17. To beat the winter blahs, I try and take advantage of the weather when it IS nice – when the sun is shining, I try and get outside, even if the temperature is dipping lower than what’s ideal! Failing that, pedicures are always a great way to get a pick-me-up!

  18. I knit for spring. Current primary project (can’t have just one) is a lacy shawl in NORO Taiyo Sock yarn

  19. Winter is the best time to start planning our camping trips for the summer, so to beat the winter blahs, I focus on the awesome canoe trips we’re going on in a few months!

  20. To beat the winter blahs I take time to enjoy the small signs of spring on my outdoor runs, like slushy puddles instead of icy patches on the sidewalks, and being able to run with just my winter running pants and not the long underwear underneath! I would love a bright pink cowl to wear as I welcome spring!

  21. How do I beat the winter blahs? Hunker down somewhere warm and cozy and knit, obviously. It also helps when my two dogs get all goofy playing in the snow.

  22. No winter blahs here in Southern California – the weather is beautiful! As is the alpaca/wool yarn you’re featuring.

  23. I blend up tropical smoothies with pineapple, coconut, mango, any thing fresh and tropical! YUM! And I knit with bright colors while drinking my smoothie.

  24. About the time of late winter, I start reading seed catalogs and dreaming of my garden. I love to sit in front of the fire drinking tea and picturing the beautiful blooming flowers, vegetables and herbs.

  25. I love baby cocktails. To beat the winter blues i start knitting something for spring with a nice pastel or bright color.

  26. I take the kids and we head to my folks house, who are away in Florida (lucky them). We just hang out, eat out, and watch movies. Its like a mini holiday since we’re away from home. And sometimes I’m lucky enough to make a trip to the local yarn shop 🙂 because my wool and stix and/or hook come with me everywhere. Not too exciting, but we have a great time.

  27. Well I live I Southern California, so I don’t get much of the late – winter blahs but for in the ‘in -betweens’ in call it. I use bright colors! And smaller projects. Shawls, cowls , socks , hats.

  28. I live in southern California so we don’t really get late-winter blahs here. But in between winter and spring before the 80-90 degree weather begins I choose bright colors and smaller projects. Shawls, cowls, socks, hats.

  29. I love the color of this cowl: grapefruit mix! I’ve been eating grapefruit everyday this winter, and now I think it’s what I’ve been doing to get through these last gray days of winter. That and knit myself a rainbow-hued scarf!

  30. I sit alone in my woman cave watching the snow falling and knit to my music from my I pod. Love being alone with my needles and yarn!

  31. When I get the winter blahs I do the following: go running, drink tea, stare wistfully at seed catalogs, and hunker down with my knitting every evening.

  32. We have a dance party at 5 every day, and in the winter we flick on the white lights on the porch. It’s hard to be blah with your own personal discotheque!

  33. We have had a couple warm sunny day, so that helps. The yarn is a great color. I once madeajacket in that color! Nice and bright and fun.

  34. I plan a weekend away to beat the winter blah’s. It doesn’t even matter if it’s far, just getting away and breaking the daily routine is refreshing.


  35. cool giveaway – thanks! I got a bright red pedicure this past weekend – not that my toes are likely to see the sun anytime soon, but it does make me smile!

  36. So anxious to hear what other do… usually I start planning my garden and ordering bulbs, perrenials, trees, etc. And any day I can get outdoors and walk around and hunt for those first signs of spring (which is why I’ve planted lots of early spring bulbs in my yard) helps get me through.

  37. I knit! Knitting is the best cure for the late-winter blahs, and just about everything else for that matter 🙂

  38. I hunker down with my knitting and an old movie. Nothing like “Now Voyager” to beat the winter blues.

  39. I go snowshoeing. i can’t do it in the summer and with the temperatures warming up and the sun shining longer, i can get my vitamin D while hating winter less.

  40. I knit things in bright spring colors and go for long walks as the weather permits. Crisp air is invigorating!

  41. grey cold winter days are perfect for knitting, tea and a cozy fire in the fireplace. As long as the power stays on, I don’t get the winter blues! This pattern is full of lovely texture and bright color and I love the feel of the ultra alpaca yarn, its one of my favorites. Ultra Alpaca was the first yarn I ever knit with, so it holds a dear spot in my heart.

  42. we get outside and do some “red neck sledding” in our pastures. That being we get an old hood off a vehicle and pull it with our quad. Then have a good old bonfire in the fire pit with lots of hot cider or hot chocolates (adults have an extra surprise in their cups) Wiener roast to top it off. Great family time is always good to bet the winter blues. 🙂

  43. I try to get outside and look foR signs of spring – they are there if you look and a little fresh air never hurts!

  44. I dream and plan my summer vacation(s)! Vegas, sand dunes in Oregon so far. Give me warm and sunny and I’m a happy girl 🙂

  45. We threw a luau party during one of the New England blizzards – modified slightly. Crockpot pork roast, plastic leis for everyone, and I had a delicious mai tai!

  46. I’m going to plan a vacation for later in the Spring. It will give me something to look forward to.

  47. Apparently this year I spend so much time working that I can’t even really tell what season it is, but most of the time I try to get out of the house every day even though it’s tempting to stay indoors.

  48. I go to Southern California and ride! Well, technically, I ride on the back of my sweetheart’s Harley. There’s nothing like it. Scary and exciting at the same time.

  49. For the past few projects I’ve been ‘racing’ to complete one last piece of cold weather gear. I figure if I ‘win’ then I have something else warm to wear, and if I ‘lose’ then I’ve brought in spring. 🙂

  50. I love alpaca. Love to knit with alpaca from Berroco. The stitch definition is gorgeous and with this pattern, it will be amazing.

  51. I always succumb to the pots of primroses at the supermarket this time of year. Its too cold for them outside and too warm inside but so pretty!

  52. Spring cleaning always helps me. And switching out the winter linens for bright, happy, spring colors – like all these happy, bright knitted hats and cowls!

  53. I knit all the time or do some kind of fiber. There is also a lot of cooking and baking going on for my family.

  54. I’m in Vermont. We tap maple trees and make maple syrup this time of year. I have “Sugar on Snow” to cheer me up- boil maple syrup to make it thicker, pack some snow into a pie plate or meatloaf pan, drizzle the hot syrup around the top of the snow and it cools so quickly, it turns into taffy.

  55. For me the key is to bring back color after months of nothing but white, gray, brown. Somebody at work “planted” a garden of bright fake flowers in the snow covered courtyard. Made me smile and gave me hope that spring would come!

  56. Spring cleaning is in full swing. Each day I focus on an area (i.e. – one day all bathrooms, one day kitchen, etc). The weather is slowing starting to warm and by the time my house is completely clean, I will take my knitting and spend the day outdoors.

  57. shopping for ‘spring’ foods – asparagus, lemons, fresh strawberries, those foods that make me think of spring.

  58. get a small potted pot of baby daffodils to brighten the kitchen, then start the de-stash of clutter to make a big yard sale pile for april …. cleaning house and a little extra cash for a fun projects supplies.

  59. Winter for me in Canada is cosy way to keep my hands busy and warm. I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do than sit and knit, it’s a very relaxing way to spend my time

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