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Emily Explains: Provisional Cast Ons for Spring Knits

As I hunker down to write this post, there are 10 days, 8 hours and 56 minutes until spring. It has been a long winter but I think we have made it! The sun is beginning to shine brighter each day and the birds are singing. It’s perfect timing for quick spring knits like Carrot and Rabbit.

Both of these patterns call for a provisional cast on. Like so many techniques in knitting, there are a few ways to do this. Using a contrasting color you can crochet a chain. Then using the yarn for your pattern, pick up from the little bumps of your chain to begin knitting. Watch as I demonstrate in the video below.

Amy taught me another version that uses two yarns at the same time and looks like your hands are dancing across your needle. You can learn this provisional cast on in the video below.

Either way you’ll have a great cast on. Try them both and choose the technique you like best!

Happy Making!



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  1. thanks for todays entry. speaking of spring soon being here…here is a story I wrote and just posted http://www.quiltinghaven.com/all-things-non-quilty/the-changings/ I hope you will enjoy it. Thanks for the Provisional cast on….I teach a basic knit/crochet class and haven’t been able to master this cast on, so hope thi one will work for me. thank you Vickey Stamps

    Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2015 17:23:12 +0000 To: wordpaintervs@live.com

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