Amy’s Thread: Finding Inspiration and the Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads winner!

Last week I shared a peek at Cirilia Rose’s new book, Magpies, Homebodies & Nomads. Thank you so much to everyone for sharing your thoughts on how you get inspired! I’ve collected a few of my favorite comments to highlight for you –

(If you missed the original post you can see it here, and be sure to read through the comments!)

From Barb:

I’m inspired by the intersection between function and art; I love the creation of a practical, useful piece that serves a day in day out function in my world while also being beautiful.

From Knitjulep:

Magazines from Great Britain all about living in the English countryside are the BEST for inspiration. There’s always at least one or two amazing sweaters in those pages.

From Nancy:

Inspiration generally hides when you’re actively searching for it. It’s when you aren’t looking that you find the most amazing ideas. Listen to the yarn…it will generally tell you what it wants to be.

I loved these thoughtful responses so much, that I’ve decided to send all 3 of you a runner up prize: a free single pattern our PDF Store.

And now, our grand prize winner…

Ann Tucker

Congratulations, Ann 🙂 You’ll receive a copy of Cirilia’s book and enough Berroco Lustra yarn to knit the Raven Bag.

Happy Knitting!

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