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What Inspires: Magical Movies

When I am at a loss for inspiration, a walk, beautiful music or a good movie can pull me back into my creative spirit. One of my favorite albums to listen to when I am feeling like this is the soundtrack to Amélie. A friend gave it to me when I was in college. We would play the beautiful music through the night in our studio as we worked. I absolutely love it! The funny thing is, I had listened to the soundtrack for a few years before I ever saw the movie!

When I finally did see the film I was not disappointed. The magical music came to life in a whimsical story of a quirky, romantic named Amélie.

The color, playfulness and spirit of Amélie influenced this season’s booklet #349 Ultra Alpaca Chunky .

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 9.41.23 AMOur model, Lesley, did a wonderful job capturing the the spirit of the character and movie!

the many faces of Amélie
quirky scenes

Listen to the soundtrack. It is beyond beautiful.

And if you have not seen the movie yet, what are you waiting for! Stop reading this blog and go watch it.

Happy Creating!



2 thoughts on “What Inspires: Magical Movies

  1. What a beautiful mood book you created. Although I’m not a huge fan of Amélie, there are many other French movies that inspire (Anything from Diva to The Story of Adele H come to mind)— it’s really all about individual choice! And I agree, the soundtrack is good; in fact, many competitive ice dancers have used it over the years.

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