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Designer Spotlight: Brassica Pullover by Elizabeth Smith

The third time was the charm for Elizabeth Smith’s latest design. She knew she had the right yarn, she just needed to make a few modifications. So she knit and frogged (and knit and frogged) and knit it again until she was completely satisfied. Elizabeth is a bit of a perfectionist and Berroco Ultra Alpaca didn’t disappoint!

Brassica Pullover – the product of Elizabeth’s intensive design process – is a beautiful raglan-style sweater, knit in the round from the top down. It has a classic silhouette knit mainly in stockinette. Elizabeth added some visual interest with a pattern of slip-stitches and yarn overs down the front and on the sleeves. She also created an illusion of layers with reverse stockinette detail at the neckline and wrists.

Brassica Pullover by Elizabeth Smith
Brassica Pullover by Elizabeth Smith

How did you come up with this design?

I knew I wanted to knit a sweater out of Ultra Alpaca but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was going to look like until after I did a few different swatches. I fell in love with how Ultra Alpaca looked in this particular textured stitch pattern and the design was born from that!

How did you decide on the yarn?

I work at KnitWit Yarn Shop in Portland, Maine and it’s always been a popular yarn with our customers – you can’t go wrong with an alpaca/wool blend in Maine! I had wound many skeins of it for our customers but never actually knit with it myself so I finally gave in to the temptation. It’s a great sweater yarn with good yardage, quality and price point. 

What’s your favorite project you’ve ever made? Why?

One of them would have to be a cable & rib vest that I knit up several years ago. It was intended for me, but after my mom tried it on she fell in love with it so it became hers. She wears it regularly even today. It’s one of my favorites because it’s always fulfilling to see some really enjoy something you made.

What’s your favorite thing about knitting?

I just love making things. It’s so rewarding to create something from scratch and to do so with beautiful fibers and colors.


Brassica Pullover by Elizabeth Smith
Brassica Pullover by Elizabeth Smith

Do you have a cool design you want to share? Or did you recently finish a project with Berroco yarn? You can email Ashley: or post it to the Berroco Lovers forum in Ravelry.

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  1. I really like this – I think my daughter might like this. Where can I get the pattern?

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