Emily Explains: Slip, Slip, Slip, Knit (sssk)

Sometimes I come across symbols in my knitting, read them – thinking I know exactly what they mean – and knit on. Soon I come to realize that I did not look closely enough at the symbol in my pattern. Talk about frustrating!I know a few of you have run into this problem with the sssk used in our free pattern, Mallow, which stands for slip, slip, slip knit. When written it looks very close to another left slanting decrease ssk. But sssk is a double decrease.  It compliments the right leaning double decrease k3tog and is actually very easy to knit.


Not sure how to make this decrease? Follow along as I demonstrate  …

I hope this helps in future projects!

Happy Knitting,



  1. Good heavens, people! At least include this explanation in the pattern stitch glossary itself. Also, it would be quite helpful to have the corrections in bold symbols, so that they are actually noticeable. The green is barely discernable!

    I love the pattern, but it has been a frustrating experience.


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