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Norah’s Knits: Orange!

Today, I am thinking about orange.

My car:


My grandson, Ollie, in this adorable orange Aran:


An orange gift to knit:


An orange summer hat:


And of course, an orange themed giveaway!!

(Not a great segue, but who cares when there’s FREE YARN involved?!?)

Win the book, Woven Scarves by Jane Patrick & Stephanie Flynn Sokolov & we'll give you the yarn to make this scarf!
(Woven Scarves by Jane Patrick & Stephanie Flynn Sokolov made with Berroco Remix & Berroco Boboli)

How to enter: Tell me what you love about the color orange in the comments section below. I’ll announce a winner in next week’s Norah’s Knits!

Rules:ย Must be 18 years old to enter. Only residents of the U.S. and Canada are eligible to win. All comments must be posted by 11:59 P.M. EST on Sunday, March 16.

145 thoughts on “Norah’s Knits: Orange!

  1. Orange is cheerful, unafraid, and relentlessly optimistic. It is equally spring and fall. It refuses to give up. And it’s a fruit! I love all these things and more about orange.

  2. Orange is a bright color that lifts your spirits! Plus reminds me of fall my favorite season!!

  3. Orange reminds me of my mom–red and orange were her favorite colors….Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. I’ve always loved orange. It reminds me of summer, Dreamsicles, sea shells, sunsets, butterfly weed planted next to purple Liatris spicata.

  5. When I was little I used to say my hair was orange, not red…that is reason enough to love orange ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Orange is the color of my children’s schools… junior high, high school and college. It’s a very popular color at my house.

  7. It always makes me cheerful, It is like a bright spot to the day and makes everything tangy as in orange juice wakes up your tongue, orange color wakes up your life.

  8. Love orange because it reminds me of warm Summer days with cool breezes. It is a vibrant, feel good color. It helps that I also like oranges and orange juice;)

  9. Orange is a happy color. Something I think we all need is happy colors in our accessories during this dreary never-ending winter..

  10. What I love about the color orange, is that it’s great for every season! In the Fall, it reminds you of leaves, pumpkins, etc. I’m the winter, it reminds me of the crates of clementines they always set out for Christmas. In the Spring, it reminds me of flowers blooming in bright colors. In the summer, it reminds me of sunshine and warmth!!! Very versatile. Thanks for such a fabulous and generous giveaway!

  11. I love orange as it’s a great color to wear all year round but especially in fall when we wear scarves so frequently.

  12. I am a “fall” in terms of colour and birthdays! I love orange for warming and brightening up darker browns and greens and blues.

  13. Orange is bold! When you walk into a room with orange you are seen and everyone know you have arrived! It makes a statement and says look at me I am here! Love Orange!

  14. Yes – I love citrus of any kind – but oranges are a favorite. As a color, orange suggests change – so my kitchen is painted “shrimp toast” and my living room and hallway is painted “October pumpkin.” (I also love pairing orange with purple….)

  15. I love the color orange! You should have seen my first kitchen in the early ’70s! Sunsets and fall leaves are favorites too!

  16. I love it because it is appropriate for any season. My Christmas tree has all orange bulbs!

  17. Syracuse University is the home of the Orange! So everyone who loves SU basketball loves the color orange!

  18. Orange is a joyful happy color. Oranges appeal to the appetite. ORANGE makes me feel bright and rejuvenated.

  19. Orange is bright and cheery, and it makes me think about all the things I love in Fall (namely pumpkin-flavored everything)!

  20. I like orange for how it makes you feel and it looks good on me. But it’s got to be the right shade of orange…more tangerine-y not neon.

  21. This tough winter on the North Coast the orange I am thinking of is the center of a daffodil or even the the hint of orange on the petal of a yellow crocus. Spring! Thank you for the chance to enter.

  22. Orange has energy…and is often the perfect POP when used with care. It can be a statement in breaking outside the box, showing confidence and noticability

  23. Orange is a delicious color-always cheerful and fun. Love to eat oranges too. Thank you very much for this give away. Your grandson is adorable especially in his cheerful orange aran sweater.

  24. Iam a bit in love with orange right now. after this bitter winter, orange looks so sunny and bright. It is Just the color I am looking for.

  25. Orange reminds me of fall, oranges and browns, a walk in the woods, a little knitting, a cup of tea and a light autumn breeze.

    Life us good……

  26. I love the color orange because it is has it’s own zing. Plus it makes me feel happy! As a child, I had my bedroom painted bright yellow with two shades of orange to accent everything. It reminds me of growing up with our orange orchard to play in.All those wonderful oranges that we could pick and eat anytime we wanted. Yep, orange is a wonderful color, just makes me feel good and smile!

  27. Orange is the perfect balance of warmth and light. Not over the top like yellow, not overly serious like red. It’s jack o lanterns & falling leaves & cracklings fires & happiness.

  28. Orange is such a misunderstood color. It comes in so many beautiful shades, enough to satisfy any palate. And it’s such a cheery color.

  29. Orange ( warm, invigorating & fresh ) stimulates the creative juices and nourishes the spirit like the fruit we all know and enjoy. Orange is the perfect balance of primal creation energy of Red and the cosmic or solar Yellow energy of the sun. Filled with this balance of creative energy and cosmic spark it fuels the imagination as well as the solar plexus ( seat of all creative energy ) inspiring us to HUNGER for that which we naturally crave and can not live without. Our hunger feeds our need for new, nourishing, awakening freshness for body, mind and spirit – ! Create an orange ripple and it will spread out from you and inspire the world. A drop of Orange is all you need……

  30. Sunrises, sunsets, and the in between–all of the other wondrous things our sun does for us: our seasons, sustaining our flora and fauna, and presenting us with a new, orange tomorrow!

  31. Feel good foods like – squash, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, sweet navel oranges, peaches, a beautiful color found in all seasons.๐Ÿ˜€

  32. Orange is warm! Think the glow of the afternoon sun here in the northeast as we wait for spring to arrive…but Orange is cool! Think also of the crisp autumn leaves telling us to begin the harvest, since winter will soon be approaching.

  33. Orange is the color of my daughter’s hair! She was born with black hair, but by 6 months she had a full head of orange hair. Coincidentally, her name is a perfect fit: Penny!

  34. I love the color Orange because I bleed Orange during baseball season! The Baltimore Orioles colors are Orange and black. I knitted an orange and black scarf to wear during the chilly parts of the season. Orange also reminds me of pumpkins and pumpkin pie and crocheting orange circles to make pumpkin pins.

  35. So many shades of orange from peach to bittersweet…the power of red and yellow combined…warmth on the coldest day…scent-memories of citrus and spice…and nothing rhymes with orange!

  36. I love all shades of orange; it is such a cheerful color! My favorite season is fall and orange is the color of fall. I love to weave and have learned a lot from Jane Patrick’s other books.

  37. Burnt orange for me, fall, deep, rich color. I love all the secondary colors, but especially orange.

  38. Orange is great for knitting afghans with pumpkins on a black background for Halloween Wallhangings……..

  39. Orange is my son’s favorite color, so I am always on the lookout for it. It’s cheery. And when I met my husband, he drove an orange car. So, I guess I like it too!

  40. I have some orange yarn to make some head kerchiefs for this summer. The color orange brightens my face and reminds me of the vitamins I get from eating an orange. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Orange is there to color my world, just as yours. It brings me sunshine and beauty everytime I wear it or I see it!

  42. Orange is life giving it prevents scurvy. Orange shouts I am here so fall is here. Orange is the color of flames in the fire that reminds me of memories past. I just love everything orange!

  43. I love everything about orange–from how it makes me think of glorious sunsets to juicy oranges to some of my favorite clothes!

  44. I love orange because it warms up my otherwise sallow complexion lol. It gives me color and makes me happy. Orange is usually associated with fall, but I think if you pair it with the right colors, you can use orange in the spring (paired with pink, turquoise, red) and summer (paired with yellow, white or just by itself). The more vibrant and bright, the better!

  45. I have two beautiful nieces with fabulous Irish red hair .(essentially orange ) they are stunning !

  46. Orange! A vibrant energetic color. Delicious fruits – oranges, clementines, mangoes. Kumquats! Carrots. Sweet potatoes. Spring -the center of some daffodils. Tulips. Monarch butterflies. Orange tabby cats. Babies wearing orange aran baby sweaters. Warmth – the color of flames. And lovely orange Berroco yarns! Thanks for the great give away, and thanks for getting me thinking about all the wonderful things orange!

  47. Among my closest friends, we consider orange to be the “new” neutral — it really goes with just about everything!

  48. I love orange as a neutral ! I know people will think I’m nutty, but I love it all year long, and it goes with most every other color !! I want to make this scarf. It uses 2 of my favorite Berroco yarns, Remix and Boboli !

  49. I love orange in the fall mixed with the yellow and green leafs. I also think orange is a cheerful and bold color.

  50. Orange reminds me of my dad. When I was 9 I wanted to paint my room bright orange, and my dear dad let me.

  51. Orange is, to me, a cheerful color. And its also bold and daring. Plus, its in style this season! ๐Ÿ˜€

  52. I’ve had two orange cars! My current Mini Cooper and some time ago, a VW Beetle. Orange is warm, cheerful, and begs to be noticed!

  53. Orange fills my senses. Oddly enough, it’s winter it calls to mind. Big oranges at Christmas time. The orange hat my grandson wears that matches his coat. The quilt, called Orange Slices, I get out in January to fend off the gray days.

  54. Orange is my favorite color to knit with when the days are gloomy and winter just won’t end…I have knit a couple of hats in orange – – its also a color to keep loved ones safe when they insist on taking walks in the woods during hunting season

  55. Orange is a cheerful color to make your winter wardrobe pop,a must for fall and a fun color for spring and summer. I’ve knit a sundress in orange with a lacy matching shawl. Such a great color. ORANGE ROCKS:)

  56. I love that scarf and have been wanting to make one if I could afford to buy
    the yarn. Beautiful. Like the scarves they wear on tv

  57. Orange is my best friend’s favorite color. I like to keep small orange accents about the house. I smile when I see them as they remind me of her.

  58. Orange is inspiring! My craft room is going to be orange, so I’ll be happy, energetic, and ready to work as soon as I walk in!

  59. I have the perfect coloring for orange — green eyes, slightly copper hair. I confess, I’m the person who buys up the world’s orange clearance yarn!

  60. I love orange too! It should be worn all year and not just in the Fall! People should stop being afraid of wearing orange! It can be bright or earthy !

  61. Orange is my favorite color. I have lots of orange socks, sweaters, furniture (I’m not kidding.) It’s all good!

  62. I like orange because it reminds me of my favorite season..Fall…and the leaves on the trees changing colors all across the NH landscape.

  63. Orange is warm:) I like bright orange for summer, and pumpkin orange for fall/winter. Living in Canada where winter seems so long (especially this year!) orange seems to brighten up anything!

  64. Orange is one of my favorite colors because it plays so well with other colors. Orange and red – fiery! Orange and brown – crisp, fall day. Orange and blue – a pop against each other. But a woman who drives an orange car knows all that!

  65. Orange is one of my favorite colors – though I like the darker, earthier form more than the bright oranges. It is a cheerful color and always looks happy.

  66. Orange has always been one of my favorite colors – though I prefer darker, earthier oranges more than the brighter ones. It is always a cheerful color.

  67. Orange looks good with my skin tone, which is what I love about it. It’s also cheery and bright, even the more muted variations.

  68. Orange brightens up everything! I love it as a pop of color. I have a red headed grand nephew who totally rocks orange. Love it !

  69. I adore orange in Avery version of the color as I have vivid auburn hair! From peachy shades through rusty browns and every step in between, orange is my favorite shade to where! I have also been seriously shopping for a loom, so winning this giveaway would be very timely!

    1. Aargh, I hate autocorrect! “Every” shade of orange, and favorite color to “wear”!

  70. Orange is a great color on it’s own. It’s also a great accent color with greens and blues.

  71. Orange is a wonderful spring and fall color, reminding us to pop into spring and melt into fall.

  72. I love the way it can actually work as a versatile neutral in its muted tones yet land a real punch when it’s bright.

  73. Orange is the color that sneaks up on you when you picking out yarn ….you may think you want red or yellow but orange will end up in my stash every time…it makes things warmer and brighter and who doesn’t like a Harvest moon..

  74. Orange for me can either be a happy bright color or mixed with neutrals something more subtle. Either way it is one of my favorites!

  75. Orange is happy and warm – regardless of whether it’s pale peach or deep rust or neon or faded, it’s still warm and happy. And way back when we “had our colors done” I was told that orange was the one color that I shouldn’t wear, and boy was that wrong! There are days when orange is the absolute perfect thing to wear. So there.

  76. Late entry but I have to share. Our son, now 34, has a certain degree of color blindness. Many darker colors look the same to him…but not orange. The whole family caught on to his preference for things orange and I hold a fondness for it.

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