What Inspires: Norah

I first “met” Norah Gaughan in the book Knitting in America: Patterns, Profiles, & Stories of America’s Leading Artisans by Melanie Falick. That book came out in 1996, but it was probably around 2001-2002, when the Tweedy Aran Cardigan came out in Interweave Knits, that she inspired me to take my knitting beyond rectangles and into garments. By the time Norah came out with Knitting Nature in 2006, I was in total “design crush.”

Norah has mastered the delicate balance between tradition and innovation. She combines art and engineering…and impeccable style.



With over 700 patterns published to date, it is impossible to narrow down a list of favorites to a ‘Best of Norah.’ Instead I’ve created a list of *my* favorite from each of the Norah Gaughan booklets published by Berroco, click on the name for a link to see the pattern or you can browse the full booklets on the Berroco website.

1. Kaari

2. Ellis

3. Assemblage

4. Happiness

5. Anhinga

6. Comment

7. Stibnite

8. Peterborogh

9. Parlan

10. Pampero

11. Connate

12. Plexus

13. Merle

14. Shim


  1. I have knit (or have as a current WIP) Pampero, Connate, and Merle. See a pattern here?

    I had completely forgotten Parlan; thanks for reintroducing me to this beautiful sweater. I’m in a cable mood lately and find it irresistible. I may need to cast on soon…

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