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Designer Spotlight: Breakfast Waffles Socks by Rosencrantz Knits

Working as a school teacher in New Brunswick, Brittany (a.k.a. Rosencrantz Knits) has plenty of opportunity to show off her collection of colorful and “cableicious” handknits. In fact, her students have come to expect it! While many of Brittany’s designs are inspired by her love of literature, her latest came from a more practical place – specifically, recess duty, and her feet were freezing!

Brittany’s Breakfast Waffles Socks feature a waffle stitch pattern, with contrasting colorwork at the toe, heel and ribbing. Each sock is knit in the round from the top-down and finished with kitchener stitch. She chose our Berroco Ultra Alpaca for the project – making it a quick knit with plenty of warmth!

Breakfast Waffles Socks by Rosencrantz Knits
Breakfast Waffles Socks by Rosencrantz Knits

How did you decide on the yarn?

I have a bin of “To Knit for Brittany” yarn that I won’t use for anyone else. I  found 25g left over of Ultra Alpaca (the mustard color) and then one skein of the orange Ultra Alpaca. I wasn’t sure about the colors but they turned out awesome!

What’s you favorite project that you’ve made?

The best thing I’ve ever made would be an old pattern that was passed down (literally on a napkin) from an elderly family friend. Her mother had made it, so did her grandmother and so on. It’s just a basic chevron stitch in a 3-row pattern repeat so eventually you end up with purl bumps and stockinette on the same side. It’s very accordian-like. I’ve made this pattern into a few scarves and I’m currently working on a blanket. I love that there’s so much history behind it.

Any knitting disasters?

When I first started knitting, I decided that I was going to knit an entire blanket – I’m talking garter stitch with 300+ stitches on straights (I didn’t even know circular needles existed). I had those sts jammed so tightly onto my 6mm needle, it’s a wonder I still have fingers left! One evening, I was getting tired and not paying attention to the stitches and they FLEW off the needles almost airborn! I lost probably about 150+ sts that day. The yarn, needles and ball all went into the garbage out of rage.

What’s your favorite thing about knitting?

I love that knitting can be both relaxing and challenging in the same sitting. I’ve made patterns that, after the 100th time you can knit them with your eyes closed. Then there are patterns that, if you blink slow enough, you’ll have it in one mangled, boggled, hot mess!!

Do you have a cool design you want to share?  Or did you recently finish a project with Berroco yarn?  You can email Ashley: or post it to the Berroco Lovers forum in Ravelry.

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