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Norah’s Knits: Triangulate!

I mentioned this trend a while back, but it seems like a good time to expand on my thoughts. Berroco has caught the triangle scarf bug, myself included. From the start, I’ve been a sweater knitter.  I love to wear sweaters. I love to design sweaters. I love to knit sweaters.  Soooo, I may have been a bit slow to this new scarf/shawl party.  Once I gave in and designed a few, and then knit them, I realized how addictive it is.  If the pattern is easy, I can whip up something in an evening or two.  If the pattern is more challenging, a week of evenings produces something I can really be proud of. Now, I realize that I am a fast knitter, but even a slower knitter can make good progress on these pieces.  In honor of my new obsession, I’ve gathered some of our best triangle scarf patterns below. I chose patterns with downloadable PDFs (some for sale and some free), so you can get started right away.


Chock, knit in MayaBajada, knit in MayaAude, knit in Kodiak

Canna, knit in Maya / Iwo, knit in Folio Parrotfish, knit in Linus

Schoonheid knit in Ultra Alpaca Light / Takakoto, knit in FujiValdai, knit in Cirrus

Halstead, crocheted in Lago  / Sliver, knit in FolioPolaire, knit in Lago

Have you been knitting triangle scarves?  Have you just discovered them?  Are you over it?

5 thoughts on “Norah’s Knits: Triangulate!

  1. I’ve made some, but have only just this winter started wearing the short, triangle, too-small-to-be-a-shawl-so-I’ll-wear-it-as-a-scarf. Now I must make more!!!! 🙂 I actually discovered I like them. Originally, I thought I was following patterns for shawls, and in some cases, they are short short shawls, but not what I thought I was making. Wondered if my gauge was off, but they were the right finished size (I have difficulty visualizing the finished size based on numbers alone) so they were what they were supposed to be. Now that I’ve begun wearing them as scarves…. I’m hooked!!

  2. Thanks so much for finding and sharing these great looking patterns! I can’t wait to stitch them! Keep up the great work!

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