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Get to Know Berroco: How to Buy Our Individual Pattern PDFs

This is a very exciting day at Berroco, because we finally get to tell you about the PDF Pattern Program we’ve been working on for so long! You’ve asked and asked, and, believe me, we’ve listened. Now, starting with our Fall/Winter ’13 collection, you can buy our individual patterns in a PDF format! How, you ask? There are several different ways!

LYS1) Buy PDFs from your LYS

Have you ever been browsing at your local yarn shop, fallen in love with a yarn and asked for a pattern, only to find that the booklet you needed was out-of-stock? Lucky for you, PDF patterns are never out-of-stock! As long as your shop participates in the Ravelry In-Store Program, they can instantaneously purchase the PDF for you and send it directly to your Ravelry library or email account! They may also be able to print a copy for you in the store.

Online Retailers2) Buy PDFs from select online retailers 

Are you a Berroco fan who doesn’t have any LYSs close enough to feed your regular yarn and pattern fix? Or maybe you’re looking to start a project with some previously stashed yarn, but the store is closed and you need a pattern now….no problem!  As with our full booklet downloads, we have several online retailers who have started selling our individual PDFs, directly from their website. You can buy a pattern at midnight and cast on minutes later.

berroco.com3) Buy PDFs from Berroco

I know a lot of you have been frustrated and confused by the fact that you can’t buy our patterns on our website. Next time you’re browsing through our patterns and find something you like, you’ll be able to buy our individual patterns right then and there. We hope you’ll still think to shop at your LYS or favorite online retailer first, but we want to make it just as convenient when you’re visiting our website!

Of course, we know many of you still prefer to buy a hard copy of the full pattern booklet. Don’t worry, that’s not changing. We’re simply adding individual PDFs as a way to make our designs accessible to everyone who wants them. So what are you waiting for? Happy shopping!

Find a local yarn shop or online retailer: Store Locator

15 thoughts on “Get to Know Berroco: How to Buy Our Individual Pattern PDFs

  1. so as an avid rav user, my question is can i buy the patterns directly thru Ravelry? the storage of my patterns on Ravelry is one of my favorite features of the Rav Library..


    1. Yes, Sharon, even the pattern sold on our website are being sold through Ravelry, so you could add it to your library either way! The same goes for the Ravelry In-Store program.

  2. Will we be able to buy individual patterns from booklets, or will we have to buy the whole booklet?

    1. Yes, that’s the change. You can now buy the individual patterns (only in a PDF format) from our Fall/Winter ’13 collection. Our full booklets are still available as hard copies and PDF downloads (through the In-Store Ravelry program) from Berroco retailers.

  3. I guess this is a good start, but I hope you consider selling booklets as PDFs directly from your site, and offering your archive as well. I really prefer to keep patterns and booklets as PDFs these days, and sometimes I just want to get the booklets before I get the yarn. The individual patterns are too expensive, so I am more likely to buy the booklet. As it is, beautiful patterns slip by me because I can’t always track down a retailer selling the booklet. Too much fuss for the 21st century.

    1. Thank you for writing. We won’t be selling the full booklets as PDFs, but many of our retailers (online and through Ravelry In-Store) have been doing this for the past few years. If your LYS isn’t one of them, try an internet search with the name of the booklet and the word “PDF”. Keep in mind this is only for the past fews season.

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