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Knitter’s Spotlight: Garden Gate and Ivy by Stephanie Dosen

With her “knitting wands” and whimsy to spare, Stephanie Dosen has whipped up dozens of popular patterns under her design label, Tiny Owl Knits. Everything she makes is uniquely enchanting – a mix of the natural world and something a bit more magical.

Garden Gate and Ivy is one of Stephanie’s newest designs and it’s knit in Berroco Ultra Alpaca! The reversible cowl features two different colorwork patterns – a romantic ivy design outside and simple stripes inside. It knits up quickly in the round as a long tube, which is seamed at the end using Kitchener stitch.

Watch our how-to video on Kitchener Stitch.

Garden Gate & Ivy by Stephanie Dosen
Garden Gate & Ivy by Stephanie Dosen

How did you come up with this design?

I love doing colorwork with two colors and when I saw this yarn at my local yarn shop it just spoke to me! I started it the week I moved back to America. It has a real cozy vibe to me because I was so comforted and relieved at the idea of being back home.

What’s your favorite project you’ve ever made?

My favorite project now is the faerie wings. I had been working for a long time to come up with a way to knit faerie wings that were super easy and wearable. My goal was to knit wings that I could wear while driving my Jeep. I can tell you that these are a success!

Any funny knitting stories? 

I used to work at a yarn store in Nashville, TN. I remember once talking to a few women about how it’s really important not to leave your knitting on the couch because someone could sit down and break your wooden needles. Then, I promptly turned around and plopped down on the knitting couch directly onto a customer’s bamboo needles. The crack was heard around the world. It was a $25 lesson.

If you could knit something for anyone in the world it would be?

I’d knit a little jumper for my hamster, Hagrid. It would have an “H” on it and look just like the sweater that Harry Potter gets from Ron’s mom at Christmas. Getting it on him would be a different story, though. Maybe I’d just hang it in his closet.

garden gate & ivy

Stephanie was kind enough to offer a free copy of her pattern to one of our readers and we’re throwing in the yarn!

How to Enter: Tell us what you like about Stephanie’s design!

Details: One lucky winner will be picked from the comments and announced in next week’s Knitter’s Spotlight. The winner will have one week to claim the prize. Only residents of the U.S. and Canada are eligible to win.

115 thoughts on “Knitter’s Spotlight: Garden Gate and Ivy by Stephanie Dosen

  1. I LOVE the simultaneously modern and traditional design and the colors. Furthermore although I’m an intermediate knitter I’ve never done any colorwork and have been looking for an accessory pattern as a first project. This cowl is perfect.

  2. I love this design so much! It is elegant and classy! Perfect for fall and winter!! It would make an excellent birthday present for me! I’ll be the big 30 on Monday. 🙂

  3. Ooooh – so many things to like…. first – the elegant curliques of ivy motif, then the fact that the cowl is reversible, then that only two simple colors are used… Such a nice garment!!

  4. I love the intricate designs interwoven in the cowl. It is so delicate and magical looking! It is as if putting it on will transport you to a fairy ring and you will be welcomed to join a feast!

  5. many reasons I like this cowl: 1 it’s made with alpaca and I’ve never knit with it, but I like the fiber. 2 I like cowl’s and the fact that it’s reversible. 3 I like the ivy pattern and would love to see what the other side looks like

  6. I like that the straned work looks both feminine and delicate. I think that is unusual to find in fair isle.

  7. The simplicity and elegance of the cowl! It is beautiful and I would love to win a kit! Here is hoping!

  8. This is my new favorite design of hers! I love how fun and free her designs feel, like something out of a children’s storybook 🙂

  9. This is what I like to knit, colorwork! Also, alpaca yarn, light weight and warm. I bet this would be great for skiing.

  10. It reminds me of wrought iron fence scroll work on an old mansion. I love her contrasting choice of colors too.

  11. I like the design…because it’s only two colors so for a beginner fair isler it might make a great beginner project…..and the scroll shapes….

  12. I love Ultra Alpaca, so anything made in it is a hit with me. The cowl looks warm and snuggly and I really like the fact that it is reversible. Hugs, Phylly

  13. I love Stephanie’s cool and whimsical designs. I especially love that she thinks outside the knitting box and does cute and wearable designs for people of ages. IT IS JUST PURE FUN!

  14. I love this cowl! Is easy and chic at the same time and would be great with a solid base and a semisolid or variegated contrast color.

  15. I love the colors she chose, the leaf pattern, and the fact that it is reversible. No worrying if it flops down a bit and the back side shows.

  16. I love the construction – It just makes so much sense to knit the whole thing as a tube (voila! double sided) and then kitchener it together to be a cowl. Smart!

  17. These are bright, fresh colors to knit with in the dreary winter days. The name of the pattern suggests looking forward to the spring gardens!

  18. Stephanie’s design is perfect for the fall and winter. Not only do I love the creamy barley color choice but I also love the earthy green. The two colors compliment each other very well and serve as a testament to what an original, fashionable, and fun project is. I love the stunning color work but I can also see this as the next step for advancing my knitting. So beautiful!! Looks very soft and luscious as well.

  19. I love the simplicity of the design and how versatile it would be to wear. And what’s not to love about the Ultra Alpaca yarn? (Its one of my favorites!)

  20. I love all the Woodland Knits, but this cowl is spectacular! Love the reversible design and stranded pattern. Alpaca will make this a treat to wear!

  21. I’m hooked on colorwork lately! This is an absolutely piece! It’s on my ‘top 10’ projects list for 2014!

  22. All of her designs are whimsical and magical in nature. 🙂 It reminds me that it’s OK to let your inner child shine through. <3

  23. I love that it is reversible! I designed a reversible stranded colourwork cowl this summer, I am just finishing knitting it to test the pattern–so I’m ready to knit this lovely design if I win!

  24. I love the whimsy of Stphanie’s designs. She keeps things playful without being ridiculous.

  25. it meshes classy and whimsical as if you could get done working your office job, head into the woods and have a late-night with some fairies 😀

  26. A classy look. Crisp clean style. And along with all that it’s also unique. There aren’t many patterns out there like this. I love it!

  27. I have been looking for a pattern to try out colorwork for the first time and this cowl looks perfect for that. This pattern would also allow me to work on my seaming. I don’t get to treat myself to new yarn that often, so this would be a real treat and would make a great gift for Christmas for one of my sisters. I just love the designs from Tiny Owl Knits!

  28. I love how it is organic yet structured. I only wish there were one of Stephanie’s songs to go with it. Perhaps I’ll write one about a winter garden whilst knitting this! Thank you!

  29. Love this cowl-the colors and design are perfect and refreshing. Always am attracted to designs with plants and / or flowers on them. tomorrow is my birthday ( November 1st) so I hope that am the winner.

  30. I really like her designs. They’re a combination of cute and classy, which can be hard to achieve, so kudos to her! Love the cowl!

  31. Love the luscious, earthy, and comfortable feeling I get from this. So beautiful and I would be privileged to win.

  32. I love the design which looks almost Celtic (and I am Scottish) it’s also a really versatile piece. (Would make a great Christmas gift!

  33. I love the elegance of the leaf pattern – seems embroidered. And it would be really perfect for my daughter for Christmas!

  34. Green is my favorite color, love the 2-tone only design, accents the ivy perfectly ! Love it – want to get my needles clicking !

  35. Usually, I chose a pattern to maintain my interest. I would like to try colorwork and this design would keep me interested enough to finish the project. Plus it is so classy. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  36. The name of the pattern is perfect – love the ivy curls on the outside with a glimpse of
    the iron gate on the inner side. Simply beautiful!

  37. I like the way she brings the feel of nature into her designs. They bring a calming effect to those who knit them and where them.

  38. It’s such a classic design that I could still be wearing it yrs fr now. Nice to be able to get lots of use after doing the work. And Ultra Alpaca is a lovely yarn to knit w/ as well as wear!!!

  39. This would be a perfit fit to my grown daughters life style. She is into conserving the environment. Works for the local Vallery Air quality controler and loves Alpace since she is allergic to wool it makes a good subsuite.

  40. I just discovered tiny owl patterns and love the modern yet vintage look and well written pattern directions.

  41. I have taught knitting for so many years knitting just about every technique available but my favourites are fair isle, lace and intarsia. Hope that I’m lucky and win this kit

  42. SD has done it again! so organic and grounded and pretty and cleverly designed. I will have to make this even if I don’t win a kit!! I love color work and this cowl is a nice change from hats and mitts on tiny needles!

  43. It is simply beautiful and the fact that it has my favorite color of green makes it all the more gorgeous.

  44. My brand-new granddaughter named Ivy has made my attention catch on anything with that word in it! She’s a beauty and so is this cowl, which has colors that I love-love-love.

  45. I love that it is a small project, good to learn new skills Its a bonus that it is also double sided

  46. CREATIVE! My Interpretation of Stephanie’s cowl: Garden Gate on one side and Ivy opposite… just so BEAUTIFUL….summer green will look great with denim outfits #TRENDING and timeless. Stephanie THANKS for sharing your knitting creation!

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