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Emily Explains: Torrey’s Rib Pattern

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Spinning Yarns in New Hampshire for a day. I got to know Margot (the owner), Kerri, and Dianna (Margot’s mom!). It was so wonderful! I joined in on their morning class where everyone brought the project they were working on. All of the knitters were helping each other and sharing ideas. It was a day filled with knitting and great conversation! We discussed everything from our favorite yarns and patterns to techniques we found confusing.

Margot and I had fun deciphering one of the new fall patterns, Torrey. The super soft cowl knit in Abode from Booklet #333 has beautiful ribbing that was a bit of a challenge to figure out.


Even I was confused as I first read the steps in each row, but I began to recognize the pattern as I continued knitting. The instructions explained the motions of a familiar stitch pattern. It looked just like a fisherman’s rib I had knit in the past. After speaking with Margot and with the other ladies at the shop, I learned that there are a few different ways to make a rib similar to the one featured in Torrey. This stitch is also known as brioche stitch.

Check out the videos below for two different ways to make this rib. In the first video, I give instructions to help our knitters who are throwers (holding the yarn in their right hands). In the second video, Norah demonstrates the same stitch, but with a different (and easier!) motion, for our knitters who are pickers (holding the yarn in their left hands).

I hope this helps you with your Torrey pattern and your ribbing!

Happy Knitting!


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