Norah’s Knit’s: More ideas in Abode

We’ve designed 9 pieces in Abode so far – from smaller accessories, like the Lawson hand warmers in booklet #333, to Hume, the generous swing cardi from Norah Gaughan vol 13, Top Down. I love this yarn so much that I started thinking about which other Berroco patterns I might use to make something for myself. Ok, yes, I am just dreaming, since currently I’m knitting two Merles for our KAL and swatching for the Spring ’14 season with Emily and Brenda. Still, a girl can dream…

Abode would make an attractive Forster – more rustic than my original Flicker version, which would be fitting in my NH house in the woods.


I think I could live in an Abode version of our free pattern, Ruckle. The gauge is perfect and the easy textures would work really well with Abode’s texture and subtle coloration.


Duchess (another free pattern) would be a welcome addition to my wardrobe.


To aid my search, I used the gauge filter on our pattern search page.  I knew that feature was going to come in handy!

Any thought about what you’d like to make with Abode?


  1. I’ve already bought some Abode to make Pohl. It’s one of my favorite designs in your new book.

    That will be my next sweater after Merle. I was delighted when you announced the KAL last week, a few days after the Elements yarn I ordered arrived. I am almost done with another project, so plan to jump into the KAL by mid-week.

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