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Contest: Win an Intarsia Delight Sweater Kit!

Have you picked up the latest issue of Creating Knitting? If not, you’re missing out on three fun new patterns using Berroco yarn!

Lucky for you, we’re giving away two copies of Creative Knitting Spring 2013 along with enough Vintage yarn to make the largest size of Galina Carroll’s Intarsia Delight! The funky oversized sweater looks almost like denim. It’s knit in a lighter blue for the front flaps & back and a darker blue for the sides & sleeves using the intarsia method. It also features red contrast stitching.

Intarsia Delight by Galina Carroll, Creative Knitting Spring 2013
Intarsia Delight by Galina Carroll, Creative Knitting Spring 2013

Don’t know how to do intarsia? Watch this how-to video with Norah to learn the basics:

How to Enter:

Tells us what you like best about intarsia knitting in comment section below.  We will accept entries through next Tuesday, March 26th.  Winners will be announced on our blog Wednesday, March 27th. If we don’t hear back from a winner, we will pick a new winner the following week.

177 thoughts on “Contest: Win an Intarsia Delight Sweater Kit!

  1. Intarsia designs can be quite beautiful. I haven’t yet knit any intarsia. I did take a class once, but failed miserably. Maybe it’s time to try again.

  2. I’m new to intarsia. This sweater has a cute baseball appeal to the style and coloring.

  3. I love intarsia because you can incorporate many colors in small areas, and have asymmetrical areas of color.

  4. Intarsia reminds me of winter turning into spring, melting snow and bright sunny mornings with a festive sweater. I love creating new patterns and designs!

  5. I have never tried intarsia but it is so beautiful! I really like the possibilities in this sweater

  6. I like intarsia because of the variety of color patterns possible. You aren’t carrying all the colors behind all the knitting all the time so you can have lots of colors in every row!

  7. Intarsia is absolutely gorgeous! I haven’t learned how to do it yet, but I’d like to! I’m always game to try something new when the result is that pretty. And I certainly could use a sweater for MYSELF for a change.

  8. Love the designs that are possible. Have knit with intarsia designs in the past. Thank you for this generous give away.

  9. Intarsia expands the knitting experience by making your handknits even more beautiful.

  10. Intarsia is the next logical step when a knitter gets bored with stripes. That cardigan looks perfect for someone I know very well.

  11. I haven’t really done intarsia yet, but I’d like to try it. I’ve done Fair Isle and loved it, so I imagine I will enjoy intarsia also.

  12. I guess I have unknowingly been playing with intarsia for a while. I like the contrasts available when you play with more than one color. I try to be diligent in winding my color changes to avoid unscheduled holes in my work. The finished product can be outstanding! It is always nice when the recipient appreciates the look, if not understanding all of the work behind it.

  13. I have always loved intarsia knitting. I can remember my first project was a pair of argyle socks for my boyfriend! And now, I love the great designs you can make with it….the many colors.

  14. I love intarsia knitting…my first project ever was a pair of argyle socks for my boyfirend. And since, I have made many sweaters that use bright intarsia designs..

  15. Love intarsia and all the possibilities. I made hats and small items but still I have to knit an entire sweater!

  16. I’ve only done intarsia once, but it’s a nice way to do colorwork without the double-thickness of stranding. By the way, LOVE Berocco Vintage yarn!

  17. Intarsia – provides a challenge yet is so fulfilling once you have accomplished the piece. I love that you knit the tiny squares in multiple colors and create a masterpiece, a work of art. Love that there are a variety of items that be made using this technique.

  18. It’s hard for me to tell what I like about Intarsia since I’ve never done it before…but I think this would be a fantastic way to start!

  19. Thanks for holding the giveaway. I’ve had mixed luck with intarsia. I’m wondering if I need to be better about using bobbins. Intarsia is lovely looking–it feels like painting as much as knitting.

  20. I love the beautiful colored designs that look so “professional”.I have knit toddler sized sweaters with animal faces but never an adult size.Thank you for the chance to win!

  21. For me, it’s much easier to carry color on a bobbin than the fair isle format. I have an intarsia sweater that my mother knit for me years ago and it’s an absolute work of art. I’ve done some intarsia on vests and sweaters. It’s always beautiful.

  22. I have not tried Intarsia yet. The video is the best that I have seen and it made it seem very doable. Thanks

  23. I just love the ability to add a slash of color in the middle of any project. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. I enjoy being able to add multiple colors in one project with intarsia. You can create such complex designs!

  25. Love intarsia as it allows me to ‘paint’ with yarn as I paint with my acrylics, just not as messy;) Love the explosive color and patterns!

  26. I haven’t tried intarsia yet, but this looks like a good place to start . The video was very helpful.

  27. Intarsia makes contemporary abstract designs possible; it seems suitable to experimentation in color and design; and I like not having to carry the yarn behind the work. It also looks much neater and very impressive!

  28. The sweater and yarn look very soft and comfortable. It also seems like it will work up easily.

  29. My favorite parka sweater was knit intarsia with 9 different colors..what fun! Love the challenge and the outcome was very rewarding!

  30. My favorite parka sweater was knit intarsia using 9 different colors..such fun and very rewarding!

  31. I like that I can knit together several blocks using intarsia to create a baby blanket without having to seam them. I hate sewing and avoid it whenever possible!

  32. I love intarsia knitting, though I haven’t been brave enough to attempt anything really intricate. Yet!

  33. The challenge of using more than one colour yarn is what keeps me on track with my knitting. These are the items I finish first

  34. I love intarsia because every row is different when you are knitting images, the knitting seems to go faster because there is virtually no repetition. My favourite intarsia patterns that I have made were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sweaters for my nephews.

  35. intarsia can be intimidating and finicky but worth every bit of knitting for the end result.

  36. I love intarsia! I think it is a great way to showcase different colours of yarn in an intricate design that is unique to each knitter.

  37. I like how intarsia doesn’t leave you with the double thick fabric like fair isle does. Less bulky.

  38. I loved the challenge of learning a new stitch and design. It gave me the tool to be more creative in my knitting skills.

  39. I love the idea of changing color in mid-stream. Intarsia is akin to
    painting your fabric as you knit.

  40. Intarsia is a fun technique and I always enjoy streching my skills (and yes, intarsia is a real word despite what spell check tells me).

  41. I’m going to be a new grandma and would love to work in two colors instead of stripes. Your video made it look so easy I’m ready to get started with the best yarn Berroco.

  42. With all the colours of the rainbow available, each piece is a unique expression of the knitter and intarsia lets you use a thicker yarn as there is no double thickness, love it.

  43. I’ve always loved intarsia, even before I was a knitter. The designs are always so beautiful! Love this sweater.

  44. I have knitted intarsia a coulple time before a sweater and and afghan both were beautiful and a challenge which a person needs every once in a while.

  45. I love adding a design to a knitted piece like stockinette. I’ve been doing intarsia even before I know it had a name! Love the sweater design features.

  46. I like the possibilities of intarsia. I would like to incorporate intarsia into my next project. I’ve been knitting for a number of years, but love that I still am learning and growing in skill and confidence.


  47. I like intarsia because you get a clean finish in both front and right and wrong side of your project

    1. I have admired Intarsia patterns. After watching the easy to follow video it seems possible. Thanks!

  48. I haven’t had much experience knitting intarsia and would love to learn. This looks like a great project to learn with

  49. I’ve only done intarsia in projects for kids; it’s about time to do an adult project. I’ve been concentrating on cable and lace and love doing both of those but there are so many alternatives in knitting!

  50. Intarsia is perfect for adding a extra touch of your love to a project. It always looks extra special.

  51. I’ve only ever done Fair Isle color knitting, so I’m intrigued to try intarsia and not have to carry all those strands!

  52. I have failed miserably at Intersia before, but Norah’s patient description encourages me to try again. I love the tricks she demonstrates–laying the yarn over the back before switching to a new color, for example. The videos are a great help–I can watch them time after time until I get it right!

  53. I did Intarsia years ago. I guess I need to give it a try again. There are so many more resources for help on the internet now that I think I could accomplish something! Looks fun.

  54. A river, an abstract, the aurora borealis – this is what the video was saying to me – and think of small color gradations, too, creativity beyond suggested colorway patterns. A new door here!

  55. I love that there are no floats in the back with intarsia. I use it to put names in Christmas stockings and there aren’t strands of yarn for the kids to catch their fingers in when getting into the stocking.

  56. Intarsia adds the WOW factor to classic styles, and with todays emphasis on “icons” its a great way to embellish a very simple childs garment. Glad to see its trending again!

  57. I too love Intarsia and took classes hoping that I could learn this beautiful technique. It didn’t go so well. My seminole project is lying in the bottom of the basket, hoping that one day I will return to give it another go…your video has inspired me to take the challenge again. Perhaps on a smaller scale project, perhaps a dishcloth.

  58. Learning Intarsia opens a whole new world of color in knitting. Without it, colors are limited to stripes pretty much and not much else. Intarsia allows the knitter and the designer to “paint” with fiber.
    Love this design, it looks so comfy and fun to wear.

  59. Before the internet, it was difficult to figure things out. Now I have to try this again! The tutorial really helped me see how to lay the yarn when I pick up the new. Thanks.

  60. I’ve only created one thing in Intarsia. A beautiful baby blanket. I found the colours just popped with this technique.

  61. I learned this by the seat of my pants last year in order to knit 5 monkey face hats for my grands! Thank heaven for the ‘net and a patient friend 750 miles away and long distance calls! I love to do it now to get the nice patterns.

  62. I love the way intarsia looks. It’s not a technique that I have tried yet but it will be great to learn.

  63. Before I became addicted to knitting I was addicted to counted cross stitch. Intarsia is a perfect way to combine my two favorite handicrafts. Can’t asked for anything better!

  64. Whenever I make an intarsia design, I love the comments – mostly “How did you do that?!” Makes me feel like a genius when I’m really just a knitter 🙂

  65. I love intarsia. I think it enables you to add your own personal touch to any project. I teach it in the shop I work at and I always encourage others to try it.

  66. Intarsia brings flexibility to knitting projects that stitch patterns cannot accomplish. I’m on the hunt for a sweater pattern that has at least two colors of yarn to practice what I have learned by watching the video.

  67. I have been knitting intarsia for many years and I could not believe that I could learn something, but I DID. Thank you for the video. I love that you offer these and there is no charge. What a great Freebie.

  68. Being able to knit “pictures” is fun and interesting. For example Maine lighthouse socks and other Maine “pictures” using bits of color here and there. I would love to win the prize!

  69. I love the color possibilities with intarsia knitting. This video has improved my color changes dramatically. My projects will have no more holes, now that I have seen and now understand the color twists, where the working yarn is twisted and placed above the non working yarn color. It is so helpful to see the correct procedure, and then practice it while I watch the video to match my work to the video. It is also helpful to look back and replay to get a closer look when I may be confused or have uncertainties. Thank you so much!

    Suzanne Smith

  70. I love the infinite textural stitch options with knitting, intarsia adds color to the mix. I love the effects that can be made. I am always trying new stitches and projects.

  71. I have come to a place in my post-polio life where I spend a good amount of time in a wheelchair. To stave off depression I took up knitting and have become pretty confident! Every few months I challenge myself to a new technique and intarsia is on the list for this year. I want to make the intarsia poncho because I like to draw attention to my upper body with beautiful clothes so as to draw it away from my chair!

  72. Intarsia can give you the color picture of the dreams in your mind, and be one of a kind on your sweater…..I like that! or you can share and fiends can make there own combinations of color.

  73. I love the challenge and the possibilities. My daughter actually knitted a picture of President Obama on the back of a sweater. It is amazing!

  74. It is great fun to include your favorite motifs and designs in the things you knit. I am making a skull and crossed bones dog sweater now for my doberman. I think it is very fitting 😉

  75. I love to be challenged when I am knitting and i think intarsia knitting is a fun and exciting challenge. It has been great fun work on children’s pieces with Intarsia. Reading the charts does not allow me time to drift off.. I have to concentrate and that is good for me since I need to focus!

  76. Everything about intarsia is appealing. It can be challenging, expressive, creative, colorful and mono or multi-textural. It’s a multi-purpose design element I have used for womens, mens and childrens pieces. Intarsia is beautiful used for clothing, blankets, accessories, just about anything. I find I use a great deal to provide interest and personal ” one of a kind” items. Try it.

  77. I love the extra “zing” intarsia adds to patterns be they simple or sophisticated. There’s always room for intarsia!

  78. I’m a novice at intarsia but I like it because of the use of only 2 colors at one time, but also the ability to use many different colors in one piece. The repetitive use of a small design or a variety of small designs appeals to me. I love Intarsia Delight and hope to be one of the lucky winners.

  79. I recently used intarsia to “knit in” my granddaughter’s name on a traditional school sweater. So cute, so unique, so Kate.

  80. I like the design variety you get from using Intarsia & other colorwork techniques. It makes the end resulting fabric look more complex than it really is. I see a lot of possibilities in this sweater pattern–in neutrals for office wear, pastels for over a sun dress, or the denim shades shown to wear with jeans and a tank top. And I really like Berroco Vintage — my go-to yarn in all weights, DK, worsted, or chunky.

  81. Intarsia adds so much interest to whatever you’re knitting. I personally like the challenge of intarsia– it keeps your projects from being too dull

  82. I have never tried this Intarsia method before…I watched the video and I have lots to learn, but it does seem possible for me to do this. Very interesting and very pretty….love the color changes.

  83. I have never tried the intarsia method, and I missed this session of my knit club. However, I am anxious to try it as it looks like you can make many different designs in your knitted project, and I like having different designs in my projects.

  84. I have been knitting since I am 5years old
    I have made a lot of sweaters for my kids and grandkids using this method with bobbins but never knew what it is called
    I enjoy doing it and will continue

  85. I love this sweater! Intarsia will be a new knitting challenge for me but i’m eager to get started.
    Thanks for another great video.

  86. I haven’t tried instarsia but I’d love to be able to play and mix colors using the method!

  87. Intarsia is the very reason I always wanted to learn how to knit. Being able to use all different colors in the rows instead of a flat one colored piece makes items very interesting. and I always wondered how this was possible. When I get more comfortable with my knitting I
    will definitely try this technique. I can’t wait!!!!!!!

  88. Have been dying to try intarsia and this gives me the perfect boost and incentive. Thanks for the video! Now to get some yarn.

  89. Intarsia is new to me. I watched the video, it reminds me so much of counted cross stitch. The sweater pictured looks absolutely beautiful. This would be something to be very proud of once completed and to be able to tell everyone, I made it myself.

  90. Now in my 60’s, I’ve been knitting since I was eight but never tried intarsia and would love to try something new.

  91. Intarsia is a great way to do color garments with large or small color areas. Like the way simply laying the last color over locks the stitches together and would love to try your latest kit, think it makes a good ballpark sweater.

  92. Intarsia greatly increases our design options, for example, Kaffe Fasset’s amazing knitted intarsia sweaters. I should only be that amazingly talented, one of these days!!!😊

  93. I like intarsia knitting for many reasons – it is not boring, the patterns appear and it is exciting, you can draw your own patterns on graph paper and have something original, you can use colors you like and even a pattern looks different with different colors, etc.,, etc. etc.

  94. I love intarsia knitting due to the fact that you’ve actually created a beautiful image with your hands! The fact that doesn’t this save money? You actually are buying less material you’re not overlapping your yarn so that there’s a double ply in certain areas and doesn’t create a “sag” where it’s heavier. I just think it’s so Cool! Been knitting for over 30 years and Love every chance I get to sit down and knit and have yet to be bored with this craft I absolutely love to antarsia (especially with the baby stuff!) 🙂

  95. Intarsia is fantastic because it broadens our knitting horizons’ so much – imagine all of Kaffe Fasset’s designs without intarsia!?!? So that’s my real reason – I love Kaffe Fasset so much!

  96. I’ve seen many Intarsia patterns I’d like to try but since I have never learned how I have felt quite intimidated. This pattern looks like a perfect beginner project. With the yarn, too? It’s a dream come true!

  97. I like the extra challenge that intarsia brings to knitting and using different colors! I’m not very good at it but would like to do more!

  98. Once you start using colors (intarsia) you can even design your own or use patterns and use YOUR own colors. I love to watch it develop.

  99. I love the fact that intarsia knitting can take a normal knitting project and make it more unique, and pretty and it makes me feel super proud of myself when I see I have completed an intricate design. It was the first type of color work I learned and its still my favorite.

  100. I have done intarsia but when I watched this video I learned some things and I made some notes – I learned about joining and/or changing colors. I always brought the new color from beneath but I noticed that the video showed on the purl row it comes on top. I am so glad to know this.

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