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A Short Story About Designer Cathy Carron

Cathy Carron’s grandmother taught her continental knitting when she was just 10 years old.  More than four decades later, she’s still at it.  Her popular designs have been featured in top knitting magazines and, of course, her four books.  Her newest collection, Short Story, features 35 cool crops for layering…including four patterns that are knit in Berroco yarn!

Read more about Carron’s book and her popular designs:

Cathy Carron
Cathy Carron

What was the inspiration for this book?

I love fashion and new ideas.  I think the idea of layering clothes is intriguing – cropped tops can make one’s look and appearance more interesting and they are easy and faster to make than a larger garment.  [They] are so versatile and can be worn over several seasons depending upon the material used.

What’s your favorite Berroco yarn used in this book?

It’s like asking me who is my favorite child! Berroco as a brand has superior quality across products and I also like that they are constantly innovating with texture – and I love texture.  I always make a point of seeing what’s on offer when I start a book project.

Can you tell us more about the designs you made with Berroco yarn?

Silver Lining: A cabled pullover with metallic trim & cowl
Uses:  Metallic FX & Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light

1The initial idea here was to make a sweater with both a metallic yarn and a contrasting ‘rustic’ yarn – that idea of contrast of high-and-low intrigued me. I wasn’t sure what it would be from the outset – so I started with a traditional looking pullover and trimmed it with Metallic FX – one of the best metallic yarns in the market today. After I made the crop, I decided to make a cowl as well – pumping up the metallic component added pizzazz. The over-extended sleeves with thumb inserts updates the traditional pullover as well.

Swing Time: A cardi with horizontal rib
Uses:  Berroco Weekend

I wanted to make a cardigan with a horizontal rib in top down construction.  There’s a purity to the idea that appealed to me. That said, to stave off boredom,colored strips were added to the sleeves which given the color combination evoked a ‘Momma Mia’ Greek fisherman look – great over any summer time tank dress or flirty skirt.


Café Con Leche: A lacy dropped stitch two-color crop
Uses:  Bonsai

Strap dresses and tank dresses are so prevalent in stores today.  I wanted to make a top to complement that look to add shoulder and arm coverage, as well as a finished look and alternative to a shawl – the obvious summertime wrap.  The bamboo component in Bonsai is shimmery, which was perfect for dressing up a casual, cottony summer/spring look!  Worked up in a drop stitch, the yarn shimmers even more – more surface area, more shine.  With so much going on in the yarn, it begged for a simple silhouette – so hence the simplest crop form came to mind.

Shawl We Dance:  A tweedy cape with overlapping ribbed collar
Uses:  Berroco Vintage Chunky

I love blending yarns and colors, so Berroco’s Vintage Chunky was perfect for creating a bulky gauge, which was needed for this caplet.  The end design can be worn a number of ways – wrapped and folded up around the neck, fastened with a vintage laundry pin or pulled low over the shoulder.

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  1. How can I get in touch with Cathy Carron to tell her how much I love her patterns?

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