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Donna and Sawtelle

This fall, Donna’s become entangled in an unexpected love triangle. The players? Donna, Remix, and  the Sawtelle Adult cardigan pattern.

It started out as an easy children’s sweater (Sawtelle) in garter stitch, destined for our KnitBits newsletter. Donna mentioned to me that she would wear that sweater in an adult size, and after hearing the same thing from KnitBits readers, we created an adult version. Before the resized version even made it to the newsletter, Donna had cast on for a lovely green Sawtelle Adult of her very own. She used Remix in Verdant (#3938) for the body, and Buttercup (#3922) for the contrast color.

She was delighted to discover that such a simple pattern (there is no purling, anywhere) made for perfect TV knitting. She also found herself falling for Remix. I have to say that I’ve noticed it too while swatching: knitting Remix in garter stitch is extremely satisfying. The softness of the fibers and the tweedy colorways seem like a perfect match for garter’s rustic, bumpy texture.

Donna eagerly waited for cooler weather so she could start showing off her new sweater. Here she is, happily wearing it at work one day:

She had such a great time with the first sweater, that she decided her daughter-in-law could use one, too. Before we knew it, Donna had whipped up another Sawtelle Adult, this time in Patina (#3933) with Blush (#3952) for the contrast. Once again, it seemed like the sweater had practically knit itself. Donna’s modeling it here, before presenting it to her lucky relative:

Normally, after following the same pattern twice, it’s time for something different. This time, though, Donna went ahead and started a third Sawtelle Adult! Worked in Buttercup (#3922) with Bittersweet (#3967) for the contrast, this one is destined for Donna’s daughter. It’s flying along, with the back and one front already finished:

Donna told me today that she’s already thinking about colorways for her fourth Sawtelle Adult…


10 thoughts on “Donna and Sawtelle

  1. I wanted to make my granddaughter a sweater. Berroco Sawtelle for kids is the pattern, free from their site. I chose a size 12 , and could tell it was huge. So I chose size 8. I am not using suggested yarn, which is Remix, a recycled type. No available info on the size, as in 4 worsted weight etc. I am using Red heart worsted weight. I am using #8 Denise circulars. I knit several inches and put extra cable on so I can measure width. 42inches!! Its wide enough for an adult size pattern I am currently doing with another yarn. I am going to turn it into an adult size sweater. I am getting 3.85 or stitches an inch, 12 per 4inches…. my knitting is about average tension, it looks real smooth and even. I should have 17 stitches per 4 inches on size 8. I can’t imagine having toGo down to a size 6 on this yarn to make gauge!Here’s where the help part comes in. Does any one else find that patterns don’t work up as stated? Its very frustrating to say the least. I have a lovely book full of items I want to make, but their idea of worsted weight and mine, or even the manufacturer is not even close!

  2. The meaurment for the Sawtell childeren’s size two back should be 12 inches. At 17 stitches equals
    4 inches, it seems you should cast on about 68 stitches.not 116. Can someone please
    clarify this. Knitting in guage the width of the back, size 2 is much to large.

  3. I am planning on making three children size Sawtelle sweaters for my 3 granddaughters. But finding the yarn is difficult. I wanted the main color to be the same for each girl and the contrast color will be different for each. And with any leftover yarn I plan to make some little purses for them. I was thinking sizes 4, 8 and 12 for the girls. I will measure each of them before I start. But the above comments have me worried. I may start with the size 8 first and see how it gauges. It may be for the older g-daughter if it knits to big.

    I hope I can get enough of the Patina yarn. Everywhere I have looked, it is on back order or out of stock. That must be the popular color.

    Any suggestions on other color combinations???

  4. The G-daughters mom said to go with the “bittersweet” color yarn instead of the Patina. My yarn is in route to my address, and should arrive Thursday. Wow. I am actually making this pattern with some yarn I had in my stash for a 4th grand daughter in another family. Her mom likes the colors. And it looks nice so far. I am using Caron Simply Soft. It works up so easy. I plan to make myself a sweater from this pattern also, after I finish the girls sweaters. I have quite a bit of wool yarn and decided to use that for myself. It was one of those irresistible sales.

  5. I may have missed something, but I can’t find where in the Sawtelle children’s pattern where it says to sew the shoulder seam. I assume it should be right before you pick up the stitches for the sleeves. Is this in the pattern somewhere?

    1. Hi Gina! You didn’t miss anything, that instruction is missing from the pattern—sorry about that! We’re working to correct the pattern right now, but you should sew the shoulders before you pick up stitches for the sleeves.

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