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I’ve been venturing into a lot of clothing stores lately, and it seems like cable stitching is everywhere. In addition to cabled hats, scarves, and mittens, there are all kinds of intricately stitched sweaters hitting store shelves. Many of them appear to be modern reinterpretations of historical Aran sweaters, taking traditional stitch elements and using them in unexpected ways. Suzy Menkes recently published a piece in The New York Times that addresses this transformation of cables in fashion… Click here to see her article.

With updated cables showing up on the runways and in stores, now is the perfect time for knitters to get in on the action. Berroco’s fall pattern collection features lots of beautiful cabled designs that blend classic elements like braided cables and diamonds with contemporary colors and silhouettes.

Kaide, a sweater coat with extraordinary texture, is from Norah Gaughan vol. 9, a fantastic collection dedicated to exploring the world of cables. The intriguing arrangement of small and large cabled patterns creates a modern feel, while the oversized shape and trendy orange color complete the look.

Siri, an incredibly versatile cardigan from Booklet #311 Berroco Flicker, combines a traditional diamond-shaped cable with a lacy background stitch. The integration of lace makes the finished fabric much more airy and light, and a long waist tie adds a final feminine touch.

Marocchino, an open cardigan from Booklet #314 Berroco Voyage & Berroco Nanuk, features a gorgeous allover cable pattern paired with an extra wide collar. The sweater’s oversized fit is balanced with bracelet-length sleeves, keeping the overall look fresh and current.

With a cold winter ahead and the latest trends pointing to innovative, cozy cables, there’s never been a more exciting time to cast on for your next sweater project!


7 thoughts on “Current Cables

  1. My husband prefers a cardigan style sweater and I am having a problem finding a pattern for a man’s button down the front cardigan sweater! I have tried different yarn sites with no patterns that he would like. HELP!

      1. I found an old book in one of my cabinets and am working it in the round. It is a little tricky because it is a 4 row pattern and working in the round I tried to drop the join stitch because I don’t have to join it.

  2. Cables are one of my favorite things to knit. Many of my friends lately are stating that I should go into the knitting business. I want to make a cable tube-top, or t-shirt. Maybe if I am nice make them and give them to my friends.

  3. I am looking for a pattern for a simple cable knit tunic or dress do you have any patterns. I love the Beatnik boat neck pullover and would love to see a pattern like this but in dress form

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