Update from Norah:

It’s always a thrill for the design team to see folks knitting and wearing our patterns. Imagine how cool it is to see a whole group of knitters in one of our designs. The Purl Diva did a KAL using Ditto, a free pattern originally knit in Latitude.

ditto in Vintage

Liz knit hers in Vintage.

6a00d8345271c369e20120a5c10e51970c-800wi…and Susan made hers in Ultra Alpaca (in one of my very favorite colors)

I love the sleeve length on Susan’s, especially for Ultra Alpaca and it’s perfect on her. A shop KAL encourages folks to make modifications to suit their own style and needs and I am all for that!. You can see more versions on the Purl Diva blog.  For those of you who didn’t catch it the first time, here’s a link to a movie of me wearing ditto at the trade show in Columbus (TNNA), back in June.

Among the Dittos on Ravelry: Ultra Alpaca and Latitude.

I’d love to see images from some other Berroco KAL’s – send em along !


7 thoughts on “ditto-along

  1. Hi Norah-

    just looked at the latest KnitBits newsletter and was reminded how much I LOVE your designs, especially everything from Vol 5.

    what makes it hard for me, like many women in the US I think, is that I’m not a waif and I’m curious what one of those garments would look like on a woman with a little more bust. would you ever consider working up a larger size and including it on the website with the other pictures and slide shows?

    I’d be much more likely to knit them knowing which ones would flatter me.


    1. Hi, Cirilia here. You might have missed it but we have been making a concerted effort to feature larger sizes and curvier models:





      And this post right here is an example of what blogs and Ravelry are so for–showing garments on lots of different body sizes. We’re even making an effort to feature a larger range of model sizes in next season’s pattern collection, hope you’ll enjoy the shift.

      1. thanks Cirilia for such a quick reply. its so nice that Berroco includes a range of sizes in your patterns, it really lets everyone wear your beautiful garments.

    2. Oh, and check with your local yarn shop! Donna here at Berroco organizes what is called a try-on trunk show. This means that a yarn shop will be sent two sizes of a selection of garments that customers can try on in the shop. Very fun, and often surprising.

  2. I have a question for those of you that kitted the cardigan with the three buttons. I am having a bit of a problem understanding the Wheat Ear Rib can you help me ?


  3. I love the little minutia garments, but I crochet, please can you do the patterns in crochet also???????????

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