cosmic baby ferris

Our art director discovered a fun little program called Pixelmator, which can transform an image or a small bit of an image into an elaborate all over pattern or a kaleidoscopic wonder. I am totally mesmerized by it too. Check out these transformations of our free pattern Baby Ferris (shown unaltered  bottom right).  Those baby feet are cute and kinda weird at the same time.

6 thoughts on “cosmic baby ferris

  1. Oh, wow…that tool seems like it would be pretty awesome for creating yoked sweater designs!

    (Oh, my yoked sweater obsession is showing. Oh well!)

  2. LOL! The first thing that caught my attention was the colors — beautiful! I must admit that I didn’t spot the baby feet right away. However, once I did, I understood — totally weird — but intriguing.

  3. I saw an ehhibit out in CA that did this the old-fashioned way with duplicated print photos. They were gorgeous. Glad to see that technology has caught up with it finally.

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