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We decided to take a different tact this week and showed Friday’s free pattern (named Ditto) in size large, photographed on our fabulous new size 16 dress form. This, conveniently  😉 , happens to be my size. Naturally, it made sense for me to wear this sweater to the trade show. Cirilia gave a link to this video last week, but we thought you’d want to see our free pattern in action, so it was worth a second mention.  (For extra clarification – Ditto, the free pattern,  is the grey one on the left)

Norah, Cirilia and Ysolda
Norah, Cirilia and Ysolda


Thanks again to Mary Heather from Ravelry for graciously allowing us use of her video. BTW,  Cirilia’s yellow cardigan is Potter from Norah gaughan vol5.

19 thoughts on “Free pattern in action

  1. You both look great……… the Ditto and Potter are both wonderful.

    So, Norah———- I posted a couple of days ago about What Would Norah Do………. I’m still wondering! 🙂

  2. I also noticed that all knitted items in the picture are amazing. l am going to check out free friday… sounds like a great thing 🙂

  3. I love the pattern. I am a BBW with no bosoms because of a mastectomy and find most fabrics and knits just droop on my chest, but I have a notion that the ‘Ditto’ has enough substance to look nice even without anything to support it. I also like the shorter sleeves; easy to wear with anything.

  4. Thanks Norah for showing the Ditto sweater on a real person who happens to be my size too.

    All the sweaters are great You all look wonderful.

    It’s nice to see the videos since we can’t be at the shows too.

  5. A similar sweater was on the cover of a Japanese Sewing/fashion book in the window of the Japanese bookstore, Kinokuniya, in San Francisco’s Japantown. Shown worn over a long-sleeved tunic and leggings, is a look I made a mental note to copy. Thank you for the means to do so.

  6. For Norah, thank you for being your own model. I am sure there are many of us who are your size who need good patterns and styles that look good on ‘real people’. I have been frustrated in the past that all your modles are thin. There is probably a great market for styles that flatter the size 16 to 18 figure. I will be eagerly awaiting to see more of your designs on you.

  7. The curmudgeonly English teacher has to say that in the first sentence I believe the word should be “tack” as in a different direction on a sailing boat. Tact is trying to say this in a non-judgemental and affirmative, supportive way.

  8. Thanks so much for the larger sizes!!! I’d love to be a size 2, but, alas, I never will be! Ant that’s okay if I am able to find quality patterns in large sizes!!! I admit to getting tired of altering all my knitting patterns to fit! Sometimes it is just too difficult…

  9. must.make.this.sweater!!!! I love seeing it on a ‘real body’, not just the size 16 dress form, which is still pretty slim. It’s easy to see that this sweater would look just fine on my ample shape.

  10. Thank you for showing your sweater in a larger size that real women would actually be able to wear. It looks great. Another reason you’re one of my favorite designers!

  11. Hi Norah

    I really like what I see in your knitting book vol 5 and would like to know where I can get it in Australia.


  12. Lovely to see all of you standing and moving in the sweaters. Some sweaters look by design, like they cannot actually be worn on a live person. !

  13. Thank you for getting larger maniquins!!! and for showing larger sizes and the styles worn on real people! I cannot say this loudly enough! I have made one sweater too many that looked darling on the model in a teeny size, and disappointing on my size medium short body. Seeing the styles on normal women, who perhaps have born children, or live otherwise normal lives will hopefully help me in future choose styles appropriate to my body type. Although I have attempted to do so, my efforts have so far been disappointing.

  14. I love the Berroco site and look forward to every Friday when I get the weekly e-mail. I was wondering if you might have a pattern for a knitted padded hanger. I have a sweater that I knitted and it is fairly bulky and really needs to be hung on a padded hanger. I have one such hanger, but can’t find a pattern to make one. Any thoughts?

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