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Design Team at Large

Phew! I can’t believe I’m closing in on one month at Berroco. Yesterday Margery, Norah and I took a trip to Boston so I could learn how to plan photo shoots. We saw many models and a lot of inspiring clothing. As you might imagine a lot of thought goes into styling the pattern books and it really isn’t the sort of thing you can pick up in a university or book, though I’m feeling pretty good about my Project Runway/America’s Next Top Model addictions! I’m picking up a lot simply by watching these two in action:

Fearless Leaders

By the way, the baristas at Starbucks, completely unprompted, christened us with new names. We decided that these were our alter egos, used only when traveling! In fairness to him, I used my shorter nickname Ria when ordering but still…Van? Lauria at least EVOKES Norah =)


In transit we couldn’t contain our geekiness–all three of us are addicted to our gadgets and could barely get any knitting done, we were too busy sharing tech-ish gossip. Norah used FileMagnet to download my Brûlée Scarf pattern which was featured in last week’s Knit Bits, so cute on the tiny screen! Norah also filled us in about Stitch Minder.

Another program that had us in a tizzy was Polyvore. We were REALLY psyched to see that the Knitting Tote designed by our Design Assistant Donna was featured in many collages, including my favorite which is attic themed:

Attic Collage

Donna also designed this season’s Quixotic in Peruvia Quick–the woman has a gift with bags!

There are other Berroco garments featured and I think this will be really helpful when we start to style the Spring 2009 booklets…feel free to upload and play! Maybe we can start a Ravelry group…




10 thoughts on “Design Team at Large

  1. You startled me when my name appeared on the screen while reading your entry! My name’s Van (but pronounced to rhyme with ‘Darn’). How did that get mixed up with Ria though 🙂

    I really like your Brulee scarf too. Simple things are best! Congrats on your almost-one-month at Berrocco.

  2. My name is impossible for baristas to spell AND pronounce so I came up with my ‘Coffeeshop Name’. I thought about it quite a bit and decided on ‘Jill’. Easy to write, it’s never spelled differently (unless you’re totally cuckoo) and everyone can pronounce it! Now I feel sorta incognito whenever I get a coffee!

  3. I love your scarf. I’m glad you are doing so well at Berroco. What type of Ravelry group were you thinking of? I’m RareJewel over there.

  4. I appreciated the fashion styling in the Weekend booklet #296 so much! It inspired me to make 3 of the items so far with Weekend. Is there a way to find out the brand name of the Shorts used on the model on page 6 Anu, and page 7 Una. Love, love, love!

    1. Hi! That’s so great to hear! I adore those shorts as well! I found them at Anthropologie, on the sale rack =/ I’m not sure you’ll be able to find them, this was months ago, but maybe eBay? Good luck!

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