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Preparation Time

A while back, a curious reader left this comment:

I am loving this peek into your design process! And at the same time as I look at your sheets feeling ever do disorganized!
As I also watched your latest video slideshow for booklet 279 (keep doing these slide shows they are great) one question kept coming to mind. I was wondering how far ahead do you prepare these designs for the booklets? The way you both spoke of the designs in the slideshow they sounded like, well, old friends!

First, I have to say, that while we have to stay organized in order to produce so many new patterns each season, the rest of my office does not look so very organized. Here is the truth. My desk, right now:

My boss kinda understands that we designers need to be a bit messy, but I am forced to clean up periodically to clear my mind (or prep for an impending visitor). Right now we are finishing up the last minute designing for Spring ’09. Our sales reps are on the road with the photos in a few months, we show all at the TNNA trade show in January and all the info goes up on the web in January. Spring hits the stores, well, when ever they want it, starting in January or February. So really, we are not all that far ahead, 6 months, give or take. We are BUYING yarns for Fall 09 now though. As soon as this season is all wrapped up will be off and running with that one.

The sweaters DO feel like old friends by the time the books are in the yarn stores.  We know all of their names (as odd as they may be). We’ve talked about them and written about them ad nauseam and yet we still love them.

3 thoughts on “Preparation Time

  1. I was reading the above while making corn fritters for my 3rd grader, for school. Apparently square bread sandwiches are so last year. As we come into Spring ’08, in the other hemisphere, I thought you must be thinking ‘Spring ’09 is so next year’ you are already preparing for Fall’

  2. Love your desk, it makes me feel like doing something great. I’m working on Linear in vol 3 , the question I have is about the button that is shown. Is it a button on a single shank? Is it a stone? I also do lapidery work and silversmithing. I’m in the process right now of making my own button from agate and silver. My question about the shank would be a big help if you could get back to me soon. Thanks Love everything you all do.

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