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We had fun making audio slide shows this season. Margery and I learned a lot from our first attempts six months ago.  I think the new shows are way cooler than the ones we recorded last season. We gab about one book at a time and try give more inside information. To our delight, our audiovisual guy has artfully employed the Ken Burns effect and I am most excited to be able to show loads of photos that can’t be seen anywhere else – not in the books, not on the web site. If you missed the slideshows in our weekly newsletter “Knitbits”, you’ll find a multimedia link on our homepage:

Check out the Peruvia slide show to see more shots of Prospera.

We have just returned from Italy (we were looking at new yarns) and some of our friends there were mimicking us: “Hi Norah”,”Hi Margery”. If you’ve listened, you know what I mean 🙂 LOL

4 thoughts on “seen nowhere else

  1. Those slide shows are great!! They set you all apart for sure! And the quality is something to aspire to. Make sure you do nice things for that audivisual guy so you can keep him around! Bake him some cookies or something!

  2. I have been missing out! I did not know about KnitBits or the slide shows. I’ve just watched the Peruvia slide show and I am now in love with a fourth book from the Fall releases. Thank you both for adding this dimension to the designs – it’s wonderful to hear you talk about them and to see the additional photos.

    Must go sign up for KnitBits now….

  3. That was so enjoyable…..and incredibly interesting! It adds a whole new dimension to choosing a pattern when you have all that inside information from the designers!
    Once again you expand the knitting boundaries with your innovative construction!

  4. Me too! I find the audiotours pleasant to watch and hear (thanks, audiovisual guy!) It’s fun to go “behind the knits”, plus it keeps me up to date on the new yarns and designs.

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